Friday, June 1, 2012

memorial day, first birthdays and 1/2 birthdays.

we had a busy weekend. 

friday night we went to our good friends', pat and amber, house for a bbq. great food and great friends. banks enjoyed all the other kids there. he's a people watcher...(like his mama).

saturday, b, my mom and i met the bff at sedgwick co. park for a run. b and mom walked - mom accidentally forgot her tennis shoes ;) we finished our 4 mile run and I cannot say how proud I am of my non-runner, now, runner-friend stacey! :) 

later that day i started project #23435367 before finishing the other unfinished 23435366 projects i've begun. yes, i have that problem. i hate to do it, but i think the husband has some helping to do on those unfinished projects, but i won't go there :) grandma julie, banks and i made the beloved trip to hob lob to pick out crafty things for banks' mobile. i know, i should have made this a long time ago... approximately 6 months ago, but remember those other 23435366 projects? yea, that's what i was doing then. anyways, here's a sneak peak. we still need to get a hook to hang it, so the finished product will be pictured soon!

all of these bright shapes will be hanging from b's celing soon!
gma, b and i also went shopping. i can't believe how fast he's grown out of his clothes. so sad, but that's okay 'cause mama loves to shop! we're stocked up for the summer. i think he has every color of shorts and shirt imaginable and the perfect outfits for his 6 month pictures next week!

when we were at carter's banks was obeying - as usual (because he's a perfect baby, no really!) - but all of the sudden he began to scream. not like a cry, but like talking, so excited. he saw the 3 HUGE babies on the wall at carter's. SO CUTE. he talked to him the entire time we were there. this makes me so happy. he's my social butterfly. each morning when we go to daycare, he's such a happy boy and just smiles at the kids. love it.

..and... saturday night g and i went on our first date alone since baby banks was born. it was weird. seriously. it was great, but weird. everytime i'm without that lil' boy i just feel lost. we talked about work, the house, the weekends ahead, friend stuff, family stuff, stuff, but all we wanted to talk about was banks. we had delicious martinis, beer and food, good convo and then stopped at spangles for my fav mudslide on the way home. such a good night out. while we were away banks, gpa and gma went fishing! banks caught 7 fish! :)

sunday we celebrated laney jo's first birthday. she's a doll. it just still doesn't make sense to me though. she's a year old? i remember just being at the hospital waiting on her arrival! 

later that night, we bbq'd at the meiers house - love that family.

bode and banks are so cute together!

monday was spent mowing, running, playing with banks, doing laundry and then we met g's dad, kathy, kelsey, shelby, sarah and alicia for dinner.

and, then it was tuesday.... Banks turned 6 months old! holy cow.
last week, we took b to his 6 month check up and he surprised us with his stats - 16lbs and 27.5inches long. i swore he weighed more than that. anyways, he's in the 25% for weight and in the 90% for length. i'm thinking he might be taking after his uncle dmo :)

he still just has his two teeth, and they are oh, so cute. he chews on everything and it hurts :) those teeth are sharp! he's happiest in the mornings. he can sit in his crib and just talk and laugh for a good 30 minutes. when g and i go in his room to get him out of bed, he just smiles - it's a great feeling. he loves grabbing uncle dmo's face - probably because it's so funny lookin' :) and cuddling with grandma julie is when he is the sweetest. he still loves taking walks and being outside. we often just walk around the yard because he's fascinated with the flowers and trees :) he sits up so well now. when he starts to sway one way he can 'even himself out' and get back to a balanced position.  the other night g put b to bed because i was running some errands. he said he cried for a good 30 minutes (most likely because i always put him to bed) and he swears he said "mama" 4 or 5 times! ahhhhhhh! i love it! the next morning, i believe i heard a 'mama' cry as well.

happy 6 months baby boy! love you!!

 oh - and yes, we love his fedora :) it's a little more difficult to find 'accessories' for a lil' boy. so when i find one, it's gonna be used!

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