Thursday, June 7, 2012


our guest room /bed finally has a headboard!

i picked a little different color for our guestroom hoping to make it a country-chic with a twist of modern all wrapped into one room. The color is labeled 'ballroom gold'. it's an orangish/mustardy color - very hard to explain. I decided to make it the 'lovebird' room. I found an adorable duvet on that was super marked down. so i used that as the focal point.

i called the father-in-law to see if he could gather some barnwood for me and then i put the hubby to work. i found these ideas on pinterest and wanted a similar look.


here's what we started with:

first we sanded and put a clear top-coat of polyurethane on to seal the boards

my handyman is back!

screwed the boards to a base held together by brackets

good stuff.
finished product!

we still have a lot of finishing touches to do in this room, but the 'theme' is coming together well. loving that this headboard can go with any bed and since we used materials we had laying around the house, and the barnwood found out in the country - it was almost free!

gotta love free.

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