Tuesday, February 19, 2013



life seems too perfect. mostly due to Banks. How could I ever be so lucky to be his mama?

I'm so madly in love with this little creature. You'd think it'd get easier leaving him every morning, but it doesn't. Actually, I think it gets more difficult. ugh.

But, the time I do have with him in the evenings is such a joy and such an escape from the busy, chaotic work-life.

I'm so in love with this hilarious boy. Muah. xoxo

Sunday, February 10, 2013


last week was perfect, except for a few minor child meltdowns. i thoroughly enjoyed my week 'off' with banks between my career change. 

there is nothing better than having the day off on your birthday and that's exactly how i rang in year number 26. 

banks and i were able to hang out all day before dropping him off at grandpa and grandmas for a slumber party before hitting the town. 

we planned the night for both Dustin's birthday and mine - why not!?

we got rooms [ Stacey, Dustin, G and I ]at the drury downtown and enjoyed happy hour drinks before loft 150 with our best of friends. crazy enough the band was cancelled, so we nearly had the dance floor to ourselves, except for [ i forgot his name ]  who is also an aquarius and just turned 33. he had to leave early though because he was to meet his friend at suede for salsa dancing. that was an interesting conversation, but who can deny friendly conversations with another dance-lover?  i was sure to introduce him to all of my friends and i made sure he knew that there were 3 cops in our group. 

after a fun night of dancing we enjoyed breakfast and headed to norwich to pick up baby banks. although the late morning rise was nice, i missed that sweet face in the morning. banks was so happy to see us and we celebrated with mom & dad that afternoon. mom makes the BEST CAKE EVER for birthdays, so we indulged in that chocolate heaven and then headed home to watch KU lose it's 3rd straight game. apparently birthday wishes don't always come true. i'm one depressed fan right now, but i'm hoping since the Shocks ended their losing streak, so will the Jayhawks on Monday. The world just doesn't seem right! ugh. 

We got ready for night out #2 to celebrate my great friend Amber's 27th with a progressive dinner on the one and only short bus driven by the one and only Ivan. It was sooo much fun. More great friends, drinks, amazing food and I even broke in the short bus with some dance moves. That's a must have.

We started at Oeno for apps & drinks, hopped on the bus, enjoyed dinner at Yia Yia's and made one last stop at Mike's Wine Dive for their famous Smore's - cocoa dolce chocolate is the BEST!

Facebook has become all too awesome for birthday wishes - and I'm so thankful for all of the birthday wishes via text, mail and Facebook and those who came out to celebrate - there was no better way to kick off year # 26. Everything will be NEW this year, including my job - which I start Monday, so more on that laterr... for now enjoy pictures from BIRTHDAY WEEKEND # 26.