Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what's in a name?

So, the pressure is on. It's baby name time. I'm obsessed with names and have been since way before I was ever pregnant. I've always thought I would have a name picked out for my kids long before our first born arrived. Think again. The name game is challenging. If you're like me you want a unique, one-of-a-kind name so that your child isn't the Bob or Tom of the class. But, now that everyone is coming up with unique names, it's almost impossible to think of something new, cute, but professional that someone can actually pronounce. Garrett and I have made lists and lists of names, read name books, googled everything known to man, and still have yet to decide on anything that is perfect enough for our perfect baby k. Do we use family names? Is a boy name okay for a girl ( I think so, but will the female baby k think so?). So many things to consider when deciding on a name. So, here's to finding the perfect name!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thanks to our many wonderful friends and family, G and I experienced the BEST baby shower EVER. It was amazing. The hostesses - Stacey, Amber, Mel, Alli and Grandma Julie - did an amazing job organizing all of the games/food/drinks/decor to make one chic baby shower for us to invite our closest friends to. Complete with a circus theme, we played a celebrity baby name game, drink from straws that had circus quotes attached, ate animal crackers, cracker jacks, opened gifts and enjoyed the best company. Baby K is already spoiled and we love all of our new things and can't wait to share them with Baby K once he/she gets here! Here are a few pictures from last night - more to come!

front of invite
inside of invite
kristen, courtney and cait
baby K already loves the jayhawks!
stacey, Grandma Julie and Amber

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Wayne

My 'other' mother. Love you, Char!
G diggin' the WSU gear!
mommy & daddy K

the BEST brother and uncle-to-be

26 weeks!
treats and wishes for baby station


Oh, yes, we are still working on that beloved basement. I cannot tell you how many hours G has spent slaving away downstairs, but it's paying off, and it looks GREAT! I have one handy-man on my hands :) Here are a few pictures of the painted TV room, bar area and bedroom - all thanks to Grandma Wayne. Garrett has been finishing up the white (LOVE) trim and light fixtures. I've also finished one of my 'projects'. Grandma Julie and I sanded, painted and distressed their old dresser and nightstand for the guest room downstairs. I found some antique knobs to add for a little more pizazz.. I'm so excited to decorate all the new rooms! Here's a few pictures showing our progress!

bar lighting

tv room - the little opening is baby k's 'toy room' 

bar cabinets 

white trim - LOVE



new bathroom inspiration - so excited for the mosaic tile and checkered floors!

bedroom bedspread
old nightstand

sanded dresser

painted white




Our twenty-four week appointment (yes, I'm late on the blog update - this was a couple of weeks ago) went very well. The synopsis of of this appointment was - everything is getting BIGGER. awesome. Little, or I say BIG, baby K is measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead of the November 27 due date. I'm okay with this, well, mainly because I think it gives me hope that we may get to meet baby K sooner rather than later! I can only hope, right? The heartbeat was 160, so not changing a whole lot from the previous dr. appointments. Doctor said everything is going great. So, so far, so good.

Another exciting update - we started our Bradley Method Childbirth Classes! Yay for awkwardness and talking about things we never thought we would want to talk about :) We chose the class after deciding that we would like to try for an all-natural, drug-free delivery. Just when I thought I was done with homework we were given a workbook to complete every week for the next 12 weeks and 3 large, long, small-print books that look like anything I would not want to be a part of. Ahh.. studying natural childbirth. We shall see how this goes, but I'm definitely   we're definitely looking forward to learning all there is about our first experience as parents! So, cheers to twenty-four!