Friday, August 31, 2012


I need: to stop eating junk. this week has been horrible.
I want: to complete 20 miles tomorrow. this will be tough. 
I'm proud of: my work. i feel like i've made some big steps at work lately, working on new projects and really putting some creativity into what i love.
I pray: this weekend goes sooooooo slow.
I hope: my house is clean by the end of the weekend. ugh. gross. i hate cleaning.
I wish: Banks would stay this age forever, but then i don't. As much as i LOVE this age and LOVE him and LOVE everything he does, i can't wait to see what God has planned for him. I know he's one special kid. But, they just grow up way TOO fast.
I'm looking forward to: A long weekend. Long mileage. Celebrating birthdays. Chuch. In-law time. Family time. Banks' church dedication coming up. a Short week next week. There is so much to be thankful for.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


we are half-way [actually a little past half-way] through 2012. Dang.

This year has gone so fast, and i feel like i'm always on the go. go - go - go. 
between baby, work and running there is little time to actually get things done, or make progress on projects. i know. my life is no different than the rest of you. i just like to think i'm SO much busier.

As I sat with my jaw wide open at the fact that there is less than half a year left in 2012, I glanced at my 2012 new years 'resolutions'. 

Fact: I haven't completed very many of my goals.
Fact: That's okay.

10 - Visit a state I haven't  been to before
9 - Learn HTML & start creating web site 
*I've started designing a web site [in my head] and writing down some of the content. HTML is the death of me.
8 - Live a healthier lifestyle (avoid PC fast food - it's the death of me)
*I'm doing a little bit better.
7 - Become members at a church and attend regularly
* This to be is one of the most important on the list. Actually, IT IS the most important and #7 can be marked  off of the list! We love our new church - Family Church - and have been attending regularly for months now. I've learned more about what I really believe in and how I want to live my life this year than ever before thanks to this great church. I heart Jesus.
6 - Become more organized
I tell myself I need to do this EVERYDAY. If I ever find a weekend to organize my house, that would be great.
5 - Finish basement and all home projects (so that we can sit down and enjoy them!)
4 - Get back to pre-baby weight
*Done. Thank goodness.3 - Run half-marathon #3 
This WILL happen on Sept. 15 and I've added a big goal of running a full marathon on Oct. 14.
2 - Take a family vacation
We traveled to KC for a family (minus the kids) trip with our best friends. I'm gonna say this counts. But, we are still hoping to take another trip before 2013. Sometimes it's just good to get away.1 - Be the very best mom and wife I can be
I'm LOVING being a Mom and Wife. And I hope I'm doing a good job at it :)

This fall I want to nail down the house projects and getting organized. I'll also be able to cross off the half-marathon. Saweet. Now, for the fast food - dangit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


not good.

this last week of running was not good. 

this seems to be a common trend, so far. a great week, a bad week, a good week, a not-so-good week.
sometimes i think i'm too hard on myself, and then other times i think i'm not hard enough on myself and i need to get my booty in gear - whether it means running more miles, or running faster. 

this week i will begin training for week 8. which reminds me, i think all of my posts have been numbered wrong, but that's whatever. so, just ignore the weekly numbers prior to this post.

so, i've 'officially' completed week 7 of training. i guess the week # doesn't really matter since I've been running for nearly 5 months since B was born, but the 'official training began 7 weeks ago today.

so, for week 7. legs were dead. feet were sore. i felt heavy and felt unmotivated. all that said i still completed 92% of the miles i was scheduled for, which really isn't too shabby, but i was always an extra-credit kid aiming for more than 100%.

i had all intentions of running the remainder of my miles last night to meet the goal, but the husband had fantasy football crap. of course, i complained. and then i thought about it. this training is very time consuming and i obviously can't run in the dark, and with G working overtime everyday leaving me to get banks ready in the morning, take him to daycare and pick him up from daycare, there is limited time to run. so, shout out to g man. i'm so thankful he's been supportive in this training as i couldn't do it without his help. seriously. it's so nice that he let's me run in the evenings - most of the time we give B a bath together and then he'll put him to sleep while i head out to run, because i hate missing my banks time. and G works saturdays now too ( DID I MENTION - I HATE OVERTIME!) and my mom has been a great help on saturday mornings, allowing me to complete the weekly 'long run'. it really is a team effort. so, i suppose, even though FANTASY (not real) Football isn't on my list of awesome things in life, G can have his time too. :)

So, for this week I'm shooting for 100% and no heavy legs. that'd be great. we have 16 miles to run on Saturday, which we may strive to do more, but we'll see.

oh, and at the end of week 8 it'll be SEPTEMBER. that means the race is next month! Ekkkk! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


i've nailed 3 of my 7 buys for this month.  #2 - polka dot shorts. snagged those up for 60% off, plus an additional 20% off, for a $15 purchase. Also, snagged the #5 colorblock heels for $9 and TWO of the bubble necklaces (teal and yellow) for $19.99 each.

Still in dire need of the other 4 items, plus a few more. Lookin' for deals this month and just got coupons in the mail. ready to shop this weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


because milk, just doesn't quite do it.

trust me, i'm not cool enough to come up with this on my own. saw it on a friend's Facebook page, then found it on Pinterest and just decided it probably belonged on my blog, too. 

i love coffee. and i honestly don't love milk. i do love almond milk, though.

so, this my friends is a treat!

What you'll need:
almond milk (or soy, or regular, whatever you prefer) I used vanilla almond milk
coffee (flavor of your choice) - just 8 - 10 oz of coffee will fill up one ice cub tray
ice cube tray

  Brew 8-10oz of coffee, fill ice cube tray with coffee and freeze.

 Place three to four coffee ice cubes in glass and pour milk.

Enjoy. It's a delicious treat!

Oh, and if you haven't tried these two fabulous items together, you should. It goes perfectly with this coffee milk!


okay, that title may be a little dramatic, but the way marathon training is going - i  couldn't ask for anything better. knock on wood.

week six was a smooth ride. the knee is feeling great ever since my two days of crappiness, and that just makes my day. i also FINALLY heard back from the Doc. Turns out, there is something wrong, but it doesn't need surgery - yay! You know, when you really don't want anything to be wrong, but then again if nothings wrong you feel like you are hypochondriac big baby? Well, that's the way I had been feeling about getting the results of the MRI. anywho... 

Diagnosis: IT Band Syndrome. 
Cause: Overuse of knee. Aka too much running.
Cure: Physical Therapy
What it is: The iliotibial band is inflamed and a cyst forms where the tendon and joint are weak. The cyst consists of a small bubble filled with fluid. 

Best News: NO SURGERY!!! and I can continue marathon training!

In my mind I've been training for a marathon - but, i honestly hadn't signed up yet. Yea, I know. So, I promised myself I would sign up if I finished 15 miles on Saturday. I also promised myself a Starbucks treat.

So, guess what?

Tessa Morrow,
You have registered for Full Marathon on Sunday, 14 Oct 2012 at 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
400 West Waterman
Wichita, Kansas 67202
United States

Yep. It's official. I finished 15 miles and got my starbucks and OFFICIALLY signed up for the marathon! Wooohooo!!

I really don't want to get ahead of myself, but last week every run felt AWESOME. I also noticed I haven't bragged about my running partner - Alli. She's amazing. This experience is truly a lot more fun with a great friend. Talking about life while running makes it go by a lot faster. We've been able to run our 4-9 mile runs in about 8 minute miles and our 15 mile run was just under 9 min miles. I feel really good about that as I'm shooting for a pace of 9:16 or less for the marathon.

i found these cool props for keeping track of my pace. i think it'll be a good investment.

week 7: hoping it goes just as well as week 6!

let's get 'er done!

Friday, August 17, 2012


got his first black eye this week.

he's been trying to walk on everything. usually he is VERY graceful when he sits down after standing, but our daycare provider said he got a little excited and slipped and hit his eye on the door. poor kiddo. he's such a champ though. he said he only cried for a min and was fine. and that night he was in a great mood. love that little tough boy. lookin' good with that shiner!

banks ate a bug.

i was drying clothes in the laundry room and b loves to watch the washer and dryer. he loves the sound and just sits there entertained. unfortunately our laundry room is off of the garage, so it's not the cleanest room in the house. apparently there was a dead bug in the laundry room and i noticed a few 'legs' hanging from b's lip when i turned around. yep. bug parts in his right hand and bug legs on his lips and a few 'pieces' in his mouth. GROSS! he didn't seem to mind :)

b continues to nail the whole walking thing, standing up on everything. he's just the cutest little man. happy friday ya'll! 


I need: to not eat donuts. but, hey it's Friday, right? Yummmo.Yea, that was last week's post. Ummm... I'm eating a donut right now. AGAIN. Oh, well.
I want: a midi skirt.hi-low grey chiffon to be exact. can't find one anywhere! if you see one similar to below...let me know. It's a MUST HAVE. of course, in grey. but, I do love this blue.

I'm proud of: my man. he's been working his tail off at work. extra hours everyday and this saturday he'll be at work while B and I play. So sad he's gone all of the time, but also so proud of his work ethic and what he does for our family.
I pray: that everyone can realize how good they have it. life is awesome.
I hope: i can make it through 15 miles tomorrow. Ekkkk.
I wish: it wasn't so hard to leave B in the morning. seriously. it wasn't that bad when he really had no idea who "mom" was or that "mom" was leaving... now, he turns around when i walk to the door and makes the saddest face and even tries to walk, then falls, and crawls toward me as i walk out the door. ahhh. those 30 seconds of each day really SUCK!
I'm looking forward to: party with the girls tonight, a good 15 mile run tomorrow, celebrating a good friend's birthday and hanging out with my fav. little boy.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 DONE. 9 TO GO.

week 5 of marathon training is in the books. and it was a successful mileage week. thank goodness!

i completed 31.59 miles. 1.59 more miles than i was scheduled for. that feels great.
on Wednesday i was supposed to run 9 miles, but only finished 6.33 after about the .5 mile marker my knee locked. it was exactly what my knee did back in 2006 during HCC basketball. i remember the feeling all too well. it sucks! it kept catching and i basically limped my way to 6.33 miles before deciding i just couldn't do it anymore. there were several moments where i mumbled "my leg is going to fall off". yes, i know, i'm dramatic. so, i iced it, and then planned to run 3 miles the next day to make up for the mileage i was lacking the day before. note: my knee felt 100% when i stopped running. it just kept locking up/catching once i would run. so... off on my 3 miles. around .75mile marker, the same thing happened. oh, so frustrating. i was actually running in norwich at the parents' new  home this night. as i ran up and down broken concrete sidewalks, my knee locked and i accidentally yelled the F word. Oops! bad mom moment. It was the sharpest pain. Dangit. As I looked up, this sweet old lady was knitting on her front porch. Oh, crap. Really, bad mom moment. I'm sure everyone in that small, itty, bitty town now knows the new people as the family with the daughter that screams the F word whens he runs. ughhh! So, i hobbled my way back to the rents' house and finished up about 2.13miles. I just prayed and prayed that night that everything would be ok. I mean, really, after running all these miles, setting a lifetime goal of running a marathon and sticking to it, the last thing i want to hear is that i need surgery again and i'm out. 

I decided to take Friday off and drink wine and eat smores for national smores day instead. That, my friends, must have been it. On Saturday, I planned on just going as far as I could before my knee hurt because I knew I had the 3 miler Glow Run that evening, so I definitely didn't want to overdo it. I ran... nothing hurt, i ran some more... nothing. AWESOME. I kind of felt like Forest Gump. I just kept running, and running and running.... and nothing! I even ran further than i was scheduled for, and finished up with a 10.87M run. Then, I ran the 3.1M at the Glow Run that night. My knee was a little sore and caught just a bit that night, ever since then, no problems. Just to be safe, I visited the dr., who scheduled an MRI. 

This my friends is what I was laying on yesterday afternoon.

so, as you may know, you are to be completely still during an MRI as they are sensitive to movement. no problem. it's so loud, and even with headphones with music on, it's still loud and annoying. there is no way i could sleep. wrong. this girl must be sleep deprived, because somehow i fell asleep during this dang MRI, and then abruptly awoke. You know when you freak out and jump when you wake up? That's what I did. embarassing. so, redo MRI. ugh. What a loser!
Results will be back in about 3 days - so continuing to pray nothing is wrong. just thankful, i've been able to keep running so far.

Also, nothing like a reminder that you have metal teeth. that machine felt like it was going to rip my w front teeth out! again, loser status.

so, here's to a successful week 6! and continue to pray for good knees! :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


happy 26th birthday, bff!

i'm so proud to have you as my best friend.

you are a woman of God, a mother of two, a faithful wife, a sister, an aunt, a daughter to two blessed parents and the best friend anyone could have. i'm so glad, although a maize gal, you have a thing for valley boys. i knew you were smart enough to figure that one out :)

you bring out the best in everyone. you are honest, but kind. you always want what is good for the world, good for everyone involved and hold your faith close to your heart. although, we may be the same age - well, now you are technically OLDER than me - i look up to you so much. 

i'm not sure how i could get through a work week without our daily lunches that sometimes happen to go over two hours, or three, our email chains that are weeks long, and i always know the best advice is only a phone call or text message away.

i know we can always agree on wearing sweats, eating at a buffet, drinking sweet wine and topping of a lunch with dessert. and there is always a good conversation involved.

i'm so blessed to have you in my life. you are the best BFF anyone could have and i'm proud to call you mine!

You are not my sister my blood, but by love.

happy birthday, sister! I love you!

Enjoy your day!! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 13, 2012


here's what I've got going this fall. hope you'll join me in running around Wichita and supporting great causes.
You can find these races and more at

August 25 [ Hornet  Hustle 5K]
September 9 [ Tiger Trot 15K]
September 15 [ See Jane Run Half Marathon]
September 29 [Race for the Cure 5K]
October 6 [ Rosstoberfest 5K]
October 14 [Prairie Fire Marathon]
October 27 [ Zombie Run 5K]
November 17 [ Turkey Trot 10M]
December 1 [Jingle Bell Run 5K]

Sunday, August 12, 2012


i'm just amazed at how fast Banks continues to grow. i honestly have a hard time remembering him when he wasn't crawling and wasn't talking up a storm. i'm not sure where time has gone, but B is now 8 1/2 months old.

we have 3 teeth completely in. 2 on bottom. 1 on top. and 3 more are about 1/4 -1/2 way in on the top! good thing, because this kid loves to eat. we've let him try a lot of foods off of our plate and he just gobbles them up. 

in the last couple of weeks we've made a few trips to norwich, continue to go to church on sundays and B plays with his bff Bode in the nursery, traveled to the Glow Run to cheer on mama, and we've finally been able to take a few walks again since the weather is cooling off - thank goodness!

despite all of the colorful, awesome toys we buy, Banks' favorites are people's shoes. he chews on them all. Hint: I should probably put our shoes away. He loves to sit by the backdoor and look out the window and is fascinated by the trees in the yard. he has a ball obsession - which we are 100% okay with.

When we pour water over B's head in the bath he stands straight up. It's probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen - I need to get that on video. I'll add that to this week's checklist!

We've decided on a Mister Banks 1st Birthday theme - so I'll be busy 'pinteresting' ideas for that extravaganza. I can't wait to plan his party and give that boy everything he wants.

Here's some latest of B man. He keeps getting cuter!