Friday, August 17, 2012


got his first black eye this week.

he's been trying to walk on everything. usually he is VERY graceful when he sits down after standing, but our daycare provider said he got a little excited and slipped and hit his eye on the door. poor kiddo. he's such a champ though. he said he only cried for a min and was fine. and that night he was in a great mood. love that little tough boy. lookin' good with that shiner!

banks ate a bug.

i was drying clothes in the laundry room and b loves to watch the washer and dryer. he loves the sound and just sits there entertained. unfortunately our laundry room is off of the garage, so it's not the cleanest room in the house. apparently there was a dead bug in the laundry room and i noticed a few 'legs' hanging from b's lip when i turned around. yep. bug parts in his right hand and bug legs on his lips and a few 'pieces' in his mouth. GROSS! he didn't seem to mind :)

b continues to nail the whole walking thing, standing up on everything. he's just the cutest little man. happy friday ya'll! 


  1. LOL omg..I can't believe he ate a bug, pretty funny though!

  2. lol-black eye and eating bugs. Such a boy!

  3. Ahhh...his little black eye! Poor Banks! I laughed out loud at the bug story. Too funny. Carson LOVES the washer and dryer too!