Wednesday, August 8, 2012


week four. you were so good, and so bad to me. 

we took a trip to KC with our bffs. That was fun. Great fun. We ate tons of food, drank lots of adult beverages, watched MLB baseball, danced our bootays off and enjoyed sleeping in.

What we didn't do: workout. No running. Whoops! 

So, week four of marathon training was not an A+ week, or a B or a C week. In fact, I only completed 41% of my miles, which if I remember right is a big fat F! Crap!  Of the 34 miles I was supposed to complete I only finished 14.23 miles. yea, not good. don't rub it in. 

so, I'm just going to move on. yep. that's what i'm gonna do. when we got back from our trip i ran 6 miles and i felt awesome. I think my legs actually needed the rest because i felt so much better running. This week I'm determined to complete every mile to get back on track. So, here's to week 5!! 

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