Sunday, August 12, 2012


last night, i participated in the Wichita Glow Run - just like a million other people did.

holy cow, there were a ton of runners. everyone was decked out in their neon shirts, shoes and shorts with an abundance of glow in the dark paint, headbands, bracelets, hair and whatever else you could think of that would glow. 

the costumes were ridiculous, but awesome. ridiculously awesome and fun to look at while running. i find these types of races just fun to do every now and then more as a good  night with good friends, food drink, and running, of course. which might be half my problem. I think i'm a little too competitive for this type of race as we walked the first couple minutes because it was so crowded and ran into at least twenty people who decided to stop right in our running path and walk. ahhh. people - get to the side! anyways, it was a good, fun time had by all, but it gave me the desire to find a few 5K races to actually race in and compete for time. Yes, I know, I'm too competitive.. 

Glow, baby, glow!

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