Friday, August 17, 2012


I need: to not eat donuts. but, hey it's Friday, right? Yummmo.Yea, that was last week's post. Ummm... I'm eating a donut right now. AGAIN. Oh, well.
I want: a midi skirt.hi-low grey chiffon to be exact. can't find one anywhere! if you see one similar to below...let me know. It's a MUST HAVE. of course, in grey. but, I do love this blue.

I'm proud of: my man. he's been working his tail off at work. extra hours everyday and this saturday he'll be at work while B and I play. So sad he's gone all of the time, but also so proud of his work ethic and what he does for our family.
I pray: that everyone can realize how good they have it. life is awesome.
I hope: i can make it through 15 miles tomorrow. Ekkkk.
I wish: it wasn't so hard to leave B in the morning. seriously. it wasn't that bad when he really had no idea who "mom" was or that "mom" was leaving... now, he turns around when i walk to the door and makes the saddest face and even tries to walk, then falls, and crawls toward me as i walk out the door. ahhh. those 30 seconds of each day really SUCK!
I'm looking forward to: party with the girls tonight, a good 15 mile run tomorrow, celebrating a good friend's birthday and hanging out with my fav. little boy.


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