Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 DONE. 9 TO GO.

week 5 of marathon training is in the books. and it was a successful mileage week. thank goodness!

i completed 31.59 miles. 1.59 more miles than i was scheduled for. that feels great.
on Wednesday i was supposed to run 9 miles, but only finished 6.33 after about the .5 mile marker my knee locked. it was exactly what my knee did back in 2006 during HCC basketball. i remember the feeling all too well. it sucks! it kept catching and i basically limped my way to 6.33 miles before deciding i just couldn't do it anymore. there were several moments where i mumbled "my leg is going to fall off". yes, i know, i'm dramatic. so, i iced it, and then planned to run 3 miles the next day to make up for the mileage i was lacking the day before. note: my knee felt 100% when i stopped running. it just kept locking up/catching once i would run. so... off on my 3 miles. around .75mile marker, the same thing happened. oh, so frustrating. i was actually running in norwich at the parents' new  home this night. as i ran up and down broken concrete sidewalks, my knee locked and i accidentally yelled the F word. Oops! bad mom moment. It was the sharpest pain. Dangit. As I looked up, this sweet old lady was knitting on her front porch. Oh, crap. Really, bad mom moment. I'm sure everyone in that small, itty, bitty town now knows the new people as the family with the daughter that screams the F word whens he runs. ughhh! So, i hobbled my way back to the rents' house and finished up about 2.13miles. I just prayed and prayed that night that everything would be ok. I mean, really, after running all these miles, setting a lifetime goal of running a marathon and sticking to it, the last thing i want to hear is that i need surgery again and i'm out. 

I decided to take Friday off and drink wine and eat smores for national smores day instead. That, my friends, must have been it. On Saturday, I planned on just going as far as I could before my knee hurt because I knew I had the 3 miler Glow Run that evening, so I definitely didn't want to overdo it. I ran... nothing hurt, i ran some more... nothing. AWESOME. I kind of felt like Forest Gump. I just kept running, and running and running.... and nothing! I even ran further than i was scheduled for, and finished up with a 10.87M run. Then, I ran the 3.1M at the Glow Run that night. My knee was a little sore and caught just a bit that night, ever since then, no problems. Just to be safe, I visited the dr., who scheduled an MRI. 

This my friends is what I was laying on yesterday afternoon.

so, as you may know, you are to be completely still during an MRI as they are sensitive to movement. no problem. it's so loud, and even with headphones with music on, it's still loud and annoying. there is no way i could sleep. wrong. this girl must be sleep deprived, because somehow i fell asleep during this dang MRI, and then abruptly awoke. You know when you freak out and jump when you wake up? That's what I did. embarassing. so, redo MRI. ugh. What a loser!
Results will be back in about 3 days - so continuing to pray nothing is wrong. just thankful, i've been able to keep running so far.

Also, nothing like a reminder that you have metal teeth. that machine felt like it was going to rip my w front teeth out! again, loser status.

so, here's to a successful week 6! and continue to pray for good knees! :) 

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