Tuesday, August 28, 2012


not good.

this last week of running was not good. 

this seems to be a common trend, so far. a great week, a bad week, a good week, a not-so-good week.
sometimes i think i'm too hard on myself, and then other times i think i'm not hard enough on myself and i need to get my booty in gear - whether it means running more miles, or running faster. 

this week i will begin training for week 8. which reminds me, i think all of my posts have been numbered wrong, but that's whatever. so, just ignore the weekly numbers prior to this post.

so, i've 'officially' completed week 7 of training. i guess the week # doesn't really matter since I've been running for nearly 5 months since B was born, but the 'official training began 7 weeks ago today.

so, for week 7. legs were dead. feet were sore. i felt heavy and felt unmotivated. all that said i still completed 92% of the miles i was scheduled for, which really isn't too shabby, but i was always an extra-credit kid aiming for more than 100%.

i had all intentions of running the remainder of my miles last night to meet the goal, but the husband had fantasy football crap. of course, i complained. and then i thought about it. this training is very time consuming and i obviously can't run in the dark, and with G working overtime everyday leaving me to get banks ready in the morning, take him to daycare and pick him up from daycare, there is limited time to run. so, shout out to g man. i'm so thankful he's been supportive in this training as i couldn't do it without his help. seriously. it's so nice that he let's me run in the evenings - most of the time we give B a bath together and then he'll put him to sleep while i head out to run, because i hate missing my banks time. and G works saturdays now too ( DID I MENTION - I HATE OVERTIME!) and my mom has been a great help on saturday mornings, allowing me to complete the weekly 'long run'. it really is a team effort. so, i suppose, even though FANTASY (not real) Football isn't on my list of awesome things in life, G can have his time too. :)

So, for this week I'm shooting for 100% and no heavy legs. that'd be great. we have 16 miles to run on Saturday, which we may strive to do more, but we'll see.

oh, and at the end of week 8 it'll be SEPTEMBER. that means the race is next month! Ekkkk! 

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  1. ahhh, you're doing so well!! I remember having such a hard time leaving Parker to run unless he was sleeping. You are a rockstar!