Tuesday, August 21, 2012


okay, that title may be a little dramatic, but the way marathon training is going - i  couldn't ask for anything better. knock on wood.

week six was a smooth ride. the knee is feeling great ever since my two days of crappiness, and that just makes my day. i also FINALLY heard back from the Doc. Turns out, there is something wrong, but it doesn't need surgery - yay! You know, when you really don't want anything to be wrong, but then again if nothings wrong you feel like you are hypochondriac big baby? Well, that's the way I had been feeling about getting the results of the MRI. anywho... 

Diagnosis: IT Band Syndrome. 
Cause: Overuse of knee. Aka too much running.
Cure: Physical Therapy
What it is: The iliotibial band is inflamed and a cyst forms where the tendon and joint are weak. The cyst consists of a small bubble filled with fluid. 

Best News: NO SURGERY!!! and I can continue marathon training!

In my mind I've been training for a marathon - but, i honestly hadn't signed up yet. Yea, I know. So, I promised myself I would sign up if I finished 15 miles on Saturday. I also promised myself a Starbucks treat.

So, guess what?

Tessa Morrow,
You have registered for Full Marathon on Sunday, 14 Oct 2012 at 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
400 West Waterman
Wichita, Kansas 67202
United States

Yep. It's official. I finished 15 miles and got my starbucks and OFFICIALLY signed up for the marathon! Wooohooo!!

I really don't want to get ahead of myself, but last week every run felt AWESOME. I also noticed I haven't bragged about my running partner - Alli. She's amazing. This experience is truly a lot more fun with a great friend. Talking about life while running makes it go by a lot faster. We've been able to run our 4-9 mile runs in about 8 minute miles and our 15 mile run was just under 9 min miles. I feel really good about that as I'm shooting for a pace of 9:16 or less for the marathon.

i found these cool props for keeping track of my pace. i think it'll be a good investment.

week 7: hoping it goes just as well as week 6!

let's get 'er done!

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