Thursday, August 30, 2012


we are half-way [actually a little past half-way] through 2012. Dang.

This year has gone so fast, and i feel like i'm always on the go. go - go - go. 
between baby, work and running there is little time to actually get things done, or make progress on projects. i know. my life is no different than the rest of you. i just like to think i'm SO much busier.

As I sat with my jaw wide open at the fact that there is less than half a year left in 2012, I glanced at my 2012 new years 'resolutions'. 

Fact: I haven't completed very many of my goals.
Fact: That's okay.

10 - Visit a state I haven't  been to before
9 - Learn HTML & start creating web site 
*I've started designing a web site [in my head] and writing down some of the content. HTML is the death of me.
8 - Live a healthier lifestyle (avoid PC fast food - it's the death of me)
*I'm doing a little bit better.
7 - Become members at a church and attend regularly
* This to be is one of the most important on the list. Actually, IT IS the most important and #7 can be marked  off of the list! We love our new church - Family Church - and have been attending regularly for months now. I've learned more about what I really believe in and how I want to live my life this year than ever before thanks to this great church. I heart Jesus.
6 - Become more organized
I tell myself I need to do this EVERYDAY. If I ever find a weekend to organize my house, that would be great.
5 - Finish basement and all home projects (so that we can sit down and enjoy them!)
4 - Get back to pre-baby weight
*Done. Thank goodness.3 - Run half-marathon #3 
This WILL happen on Sept. 15 and I've added a big goal of running a full marathon on Oct. 14.
2 - Take a family vacation
We traveled to KC for a family (minus the kids) trip with our best friends. I'm gonna say this counts. But, we are still hoping to take another trip before 2013. Sometimes it's just good to get away.1 - Be the very best mom and wife I can be
I'm LOVING being a Mom and Wife. And I hope I'm doing a good job at it :)

This fall I want to nail down the house projects and getting organized. I'll also be able to cross off the half-marathon. Saweet. Now, for the fast food - dangit.

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