Tuesday, July 31, 2012


week three marathon training. completed.
wahooo. they say you have to do something 21 times for it to become a habit. since i've completed three weeks of training, that's 7 days a week (even if i'm not running) which is 21 days. i'm hoping this means running is a habit now. whether it is or not, i enjoy it, and i'm not stopping now.

honestly, week 3 wasn't so awesome. i really didn't feel all too hot running all week. well, let me take that back. i was extremely hot. between family get togethers, work schedules, random chores and errands, I ended up running earlier in the evenings. seriously people, i'm beginning to think this whole global warming thing is real. what the heck. the heat was crazy hot. but, i made it. i love the heat. i really do. running in 105 degree weather. not so much. i can tell a huge difference when i run in 90 degree heat versus 105. so, i'm pretty sure that was part of my not-so-hot, but hot runs this week. 

adios, week three.

so, here comes week 4 which will be kicked off with a 4 mile run tonight with some hills :) oh, yay for hills.

i'm not really sure where i stand on week 4. we are going on a mini-vaca - WAHOOOO!!! - cannot wait - this Thursday thru Sunday we will be out of commission and enjoying many adult beverages, dancing the night away, shopping , enjoying MLB baseball and getting tatted. Yes, tatted. [updates on this will definitely be coming]. therefore, I'm really not so sure when all this running is going to happen. My plan as of now is to run everyday, but not do the long run on Saturday. We'll see........... but, here's to enjoying 'time off' and making the best of it. the pavement will be here when we get back, so i'm not going to stress out too much.

Monday, July 30, 2012


by far the greatest of them all. it's a love/hate relationship: banks growing up. 

it's so sad that he will never be a baby again and want to lay down for 10 hours at a time and just cuddle, but at the same time he is SO much fun. he's so active and so alert and talks all the time. says mama and dadda (dadda much more than mama, shux!) that's okay though, because he has one helluva dad. he's awesome.

so, folks. our baby is 8 months old. that's only 4 months away from one. that's only one month younger than the number of months i was pregnant with him. it's truly mind-blowing. 

our boy is a speed-crawler. i'm not sure why they don't have crawling in the olympics, because they have every other sport imaginable - walking, really?? - but if it was an olympic sport - he would win hands down. he is standing while holding onto the couch, chair, toys, ect...he loves phones, channel changers, cords, outlets, expensive decor, and anything he is not supposed to like. he loves wine bottles and glasses. so much he likes to knock them off the counter when you are holding him and gets a good laugh out of glass shattering on the floor. awesome. we are learning that he's a bit smarter than we think most of the time. he is infatuated with shoes. all kinds. he's not as picky as his mom is about shoes - he loves old flip flops, high heels, tennis shoes and all things bright colors.  he lights up when he sees mama, dadda, hadley and his gma julie. he stares at the door when she leaves just waiting for her to come back in. it's really the cutest thing. 

he is now in the nursery at church - which is great. he's done so well in there the first couple of times so i think we'll continue that - makes listening to the sermon a lot easier! plus, he gets to hang out with his bff, Bode.

a few weeks ago he weighed in at 19.5 lbs and was 28 inches long. he LOVES all food. all of it. no matter what it is. he hasn't had anything he doesn't like. he does hate cheap formula though - go figure. his dad said "you and your mom both have expensive taste" that's okay, Banks - it's a good quality to have.

we haven't been able to go for many walks lately because of the dang heat, but B does love water and the pool has been awesome to us. he's our lil' fish. and, thank God for Hadley. he keeps B entertained most of the time. B just crawls around and follows Hadley wherever he goes. Love our two boys!

Well, here's to eight. it's seriously great. Love you lil' man.

Friday, July 27, 2012


I need: to make this dang decision about cutting my hair. 12:30p.m. need to know by then. ahh... the decisions in life ;)
I want: a new do. see above.
I'm proud of: my parents. they are celebrating their anniversary today! i'm proud that they still believe in what marriage is all about and have stayed strong in their faith, family and in love.
I pray: for my family.
I hope: that baby banks will be just fine when we are in KC next week! and that he misses us just a tad bit :)
I wish: i could make sense of everything.
I'm looking forward to: my parents' moving weekend! They are outta Larned and headed to Norwich this weekend! Yay for having them so much closer!

happy anniversary to the best mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! love you both so much!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


leaving Banks each morning.

that is the definition of tough stuff. 

since i'm a blunt, honest person, and like to keep it real, on the blog and all, i'm gonna tell you how i really feel. okay? ready. set. go.

i feel like crap. 

when i was on maternity leave with Banks I knew i was going back to work. G and i had figured out our finances and decided what we wanted to do with our money - buy a new car, continue to upgrade our home, have an extra cash flow and live our life dining out, and doing extra activities on the weekend. we decided that we basically wanted to keep the same lifestyle as we did before Banks' arrival. Don't get me wrong. I knew it would he difficult to go back to work with such a sweet baby at home. and for a few months I was determined to find a way to make my official title Stay at Home Mommy. That didn't exactly happen as we began spending more money than ever right before Banks was born preparing his room, preparing the house and medical expenses. So, going back to work was the phrase i began using when people asked.

Banks and I enjoyed our 12 weeks at home together - loving every minute of it.We really enjoyed the 6ish weeks G daddy was home with us, too. That was the best. Pockets were empty, but that was the happiest time.

Then, it came time to go back to work. By my surprise, I was actually just a tiny, little itty, bitty bit excited to go back to work. I needed adult interaction ASAP. Kelly Ripa and Ellen DeGeneres just weren't doing it anymore.

Now, I miss him dearly. Everyday. My office walls are covered in his pictures and I secretly watch videos of him on my computer to get me through the day. He's so much fun. He's perfect in every single way. He's happy-go-lucky 90 percent of the time and the other 10 percent he's running into something (because he's the most active thing ever) and crying because he hurt his head or Hadley took his toy. The thing is, when he's sad or mad he makes the most precious frown and it just melts my heart. there is not a minute that goes by that I don't think of this crazy kid. he's so much more than i even expected. he's more love, more fun, more perfect than i could ever imagine.

G and i always talk about our next child. yes, we're nuts. and how we are so blessed to have such a perfect boy. i'm sure i'll think this of all my kids, but for now, we are sooooo very blessed to have Banks.

I don't want to work. I want to be with him every single minute of the day. But, when I pick him up at daycare and the kids yell "Bankston your mom is here!" he lights up and smiles and crawls toward me.

And, that my friends is the best feeling in the world.

It's tough stuff to leave that boy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


//Guest Post// Stacey Meier//

Ever have feelings of just being in awe of God? He is so awesome. I love hearing stories of his work in this world. It’s everywhere. Tessa shared a story with me today of one of the shooting victims in Aurora, Co. She was shot in the arm and in the head. The bullet made its way through her face, up  through her brain and stopped at the back of her skull. How tragic. On the surface, her odds of living are slim. Even if she pulled through surgery, the chances of having some kind of brain damage were certain. After the initial surgery was complete, the surgeon revealed a “lucky” find. It seems that this woman has had a small brain defect from birth. Not being a neurologist, I can only explain it as a liquid-like stream flowing through her brain. This woman has been unaffected by this “defect” and would never know it was there. When the bullet entered her skull, this “liquid-like stream” guided the bullet through her brain, leaving the brain UN-AFFECTED. NO DAMAGE. Lucky? Yeah, I guess. More like God’s miracle working through this woman’s life. WOW. It is so incredible to think about her brain forming while in the womb of her mother and this “defect” would one day save her life. Psalm 139:13, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” God knew exactly what he was doing when he formed her. Every part of her. Incredible. What an amazing testimony this woman will have to share with the world and to honor the Kingdom of God.

Read the entire story of Petra HERE.

Monday, July 23, 2012


week two is completed. 

surprisingly enough, i surpassed my 28 mile goal and ran 31 miles. wahooo. 

what i learned this week: when i ran tuesday i waited until it was cool enough in the evening - around 8:30 to run. i then woke up at 5 am Wednesday to run my 8 miles. these two runs were way too close together and the 8 mile run didn't feel so hot. my legs were tired and i just didn't feel like i was able to dominate the run like i had hoped. my goal for week 3 is to space out the runs so there is at least 20 hrs in between.

i also realized how much better/easier it is to run with someone. Alli is my lifesaver! I'm so glad i have someone that can join me - especially on the long runs.  i'm hoping our schedules continue to work out so that we are able to push each other through our long runs. 

our 11.3 mile long run on saturday was great. i was actually nervous about it. not sure why, because i mean, if i needed to, i could stop, but i HATE stopping. anyways, as usual, i think my nerves actually gave be adrenaline and the 11 miles went so well. i felt great. i'm hoping that i can continue to feel good about the longer runs as it will give me much more confidence for the actual marathon.

on the way to church sunday, we clocked just about 13 miles on the car's odometer. i told garrett, well, i guess i just have to imagine running to church and back - people, that's a long ways!!

i'm looking forward to the day when i have the confidence to say " i know i can do this". so far, it's a "i hope i can do this".

Cheers to week 3. seriously. cheers. i bought 3 bottles of wine yesterday.



Saturday, July 21, 2012


running and shopping.

they go together very well. and that, i like a lot. 

made a trip to First Gear yesterday with my marathon training partner, Alli. We knew that running in this crazy Kansas, summer heat was going to become impossible without water. So, it was time to buy a belt.

We ended up with the 3-bottle fuel belt. It has a pocket that's perfect for our GU chomps (which are way better than the regular GU), car keys, chapstick and anything else we might want to carry on our longer runs. 
i thought the belt would bother me during our 11.3 mile run, which it did, but after about the 5 mile mark, i barely noticed it and by mile 9 i was glad i had water - so i think mr. fuelbelt and i will get along well.

these GU chomps were delish. much better than the GU packets.

my socks were all getting thin, and i could tell the calluses on my feet were beginning to get fairly thick, so i bought these Experia socks and they are SO comfortable. i could tell a huge difference in the way my feet felt during the run. the heel and balls of my feet were padded nicely and weren't hot like they had been the past week. I also tried on some new running shoes. I know I'm going to wear out the ones I have quickly, so I'd like to alternate shoes with runs so that they last longer and hold up until the race. I'm totally going to make my mom happy when I tell her that I passed up the $120 pricetag and found the same Asics-GEL Landreth 7 for $89 online. Wahooo! Now, I'm just trying to decide on a color. Oh, the choices when it comes to running and shopping!

What are you favorite running items??

Friday, July 20, 2012


I need:
to be working. but that's highly overrated.
I want: the world to be bit kinder. okay, a lot kinder.
I'm proud of: my friends. i have a lot of great ones.
I pray: for those in the Colorado shooting. What an awful thing.
I hope: that everyone is thankful for today. life is precious. > this one is from last week, but I think i'm gonna keep it. seriously people. life is so presh.
I wish: blogging paid big bucks. like, i seriously love blogging. and i seriously love, or would love, to make a  million bucks doing it.
I'm looking forward to: a weekend of nothing. well, as of now. seriously i can maybe clean the house and maybe see my baby and maybe lay on the couch and just relax. oh, joy. that's after Alli and I knock down our 11 miler tomorrow. one step closer to 26.2.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


let me take you back to 1958. possibly the best year ever.

my mom was born. hence why it was the best year ever. she's awesome. even, more awesome than the show candid camera that came out in 1958. that's hard to beat.

everyone deserves a day to celebrate them. some more than others. i think my mom deserves it more than anyone.

happy birthday mom. you are so kind, so generous and so loving. enjoy YOUR day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



alright. one week down. who knows how many to go. 

remember... we are going week by week, day by day... so we'll get to the big picture soon enough.

week one went well. not as well as i wanted, but it was okay. okay, well, good - whatever.
let me remind you of what week one looked like:

first accomplishment - i ran every day that i was supposed to. yay. 
as far as numbers go - i ran more than i was scheduled to every day except for saturday - which was a killer because that is "long run" day. i really had no excuse except that i was out late the night before and had to get up early and out the door by 8am to get to dodge city for a wedding - is that good enough? yea, i didn't think so either. i'm well aware, that after training for two 1/2 marathons, that when training for a big race, it has to be a priority. i need to get back to this and make sure that i'm going to bed early, eating right, and not drinking that fourth or fifth.. or.. yea you get it beer. this is what i'm doing right now and i need to stay committed. 

This week i ran 21.06 miles. 1.94 miles less than I should have. I'm determined to hit my goal for week 2. So here's to 28 miles this week! I'm pretty sure it will happen because I have my long-lost running buddy, Alli, back! Sheeeeeeeeee's BAACCK! Thank the good lord. It's so much easier to run with a friend and have someone to hold you accountable. Alli, well, she works way TOO much and we both have busy lives, but we've set a schedule for this week and plan to stick to it! Here's week two!

Cheers to running!

Monday, July 16, 2012


never have, probably never will. not going to say NEVER, but probably not.

i just don't really get into the whole book reading thing. not even 50 shades. i know, i'm sooo not cool, right? that's okay. i'm fine with it. 

instead, i've come to love reading blogs. partially why i started my own back in the day. people's everyday lives, inspiring stories and creative ideas are just more interesting to me than made up characters and romantic love stories that are far from real-life love.

we can agree to disagree. that is if you disagree.

i'm always looking for a new blog to follow and quite often i will find a stranger's blog who i become insanely interested in. it's like that sex book - 50 shades - that people just can't put down. many of the blogs i enjoy reading because i can relate to their pregnancy story, or their parenting advice is greatly appreciated, i want their wardrobe, i find their DIYs to be just what i need or i just simply like their writing style. anyways, i decided that i should share some of my favorite reads.

besides finding the blogs i follow to the left <<<<

i'm also going to share a new blog each week whenever time allows so you can enjoy reading too.

just simply makes me so thankful for a healthy baby and so inspired by the kindness of this blog author's heart.
she has a big one. 

so, if you have a favorite blog, or have a blog of your own, please follow my blog and then leave your blog URL in the comments area below. i'd love to read about ya!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


whew. just got home a few hours ago from our weekend trip to west. 

Friday B wasn't feeling well - he had a runny nose and began to cough. I knew we had a busy weekend ahead so I took him to the doc. Besides weighing 19lbs 8oz and measuring 28.5inches long, B was diagnosed with a upper respiratory infection. B has an upper tooth (his 3rd tooth overall) peeking through and his runny nose was caused by teething - which was draining in his lungs, which caused the congested cough. Blah. No good. We got some meds and went home and slept Friday afternoon. He was feeling much better by Saturday morning. Thank goodness!

and here's how our weekend went.

maybe i just take too many pictures, but I don't think that's possible - so, i'm beginning to think my mom is right when she says we ALWAYS have something going on.

Friday night, the girls got together to celebrate Tinley. I met Tinley when I hired her to help with our wedding planning (about 5 years ago). I then did some work for Tinley in the wedding business and became good friends with her. We're so sad to see her leave Wichita :( She'll be moving to Wisconsin at the end of the month. We celebrated with dinner, drinks and Smore's (of course) at Mike's Wine Dive. 

Saturday I was supposed to wake up and run 9 miles for the marathon training. That didn't happen. After hitting snooze (due to the fun the night before) I had time to run almost 6 miles before we hopped in the car and headed west. We stopped in Larned to pick up the parents and continued to Dodge City where we saw Cait walk down the aisle. What a beautiful bride she was. Cait and I met through Courtney (her older sister) and have become great friends and running buddies. i also got to meet miss Emersyn Cait (named after her auntie Cait)  - what a doll. I'm so happy Court has a lil' girl to dress up in PINK! We had fun dancing, eating (loved the snack bar - the QT donuts were the best!) and visiting with old friends from VC! B loved watching everyone dance the night away - he's a people watcher like his mama! :)

GC/DC cake - Cait and Ben were HS rivals.

pretty sunset on the way back to Larned

B had a great time.

Mom and B cooked us breakfast after the first successful all-nighter in the Pack -N - Play and then we went to the Larned pool to cool off before dinner with the parents.

B slept the whole way home. We got home, put on our pjs and he crawled around and played with his toys. Then he crawled over to a pillow and put himself to sleep. This kid was worn out.

Another busy weekend in the books!

Friday, July 13, 2012


those four years of marriage.

cinnamon rolls for my man: i know the way to his heart.
cards from my mom and grandma in the mail: make me smile and so very thankful.
cards from one another labeled husband and wifey: we think alike.
a plant from g called redhead: perfect.
dinner at newport grill with delish drinks: yummy.

we had a great day celebrating our love.


I need: more sleep. but, more coffee will have to do.
I want: 48hrs/day. time flies people. time flies.
I'm proud of: my marriage. so happy that g and i have a great relationship and get along so well. i don't really know what i'd do without his endless love.
I pray: baby banks feels better. poor kiddo has a slight temp, runny nose and cough. we're off to see the doc here in a few hours. pray for him :)
I hope: that everyone is thankful for today. life is precious. 
I wish: starbucks was closer to work. 
I'm looking forward to: meeting baby Emy tomorrow! Oh, and her mama just started a blog > www.gobleit.blogspot.com 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


happy 4th anniversary, love.

it seems like just yesterday we were having the party of the century at Loft 150 after our wedding rehearsal. we tore up more than one dance floor the weekend of July 12, 2008. 

G and I have been together for more than 9 1/2 years now and are celebrating our 4th year of  marriage today. 

it's awesome to have your husband as your best friend, love of your life and father of your children. he was the man God made for me and I'm truly blessed. 

love you with all my heart, G baby. happy anni to you.