Tuesday, July 31, 2012


week three marathon training. completed.
wahooo. they say you have to do something 21 times for it to become a habit. since i've completed three weeks of training, that's 7 days a week (even if i'm not running) which is 21 days. i'm hoping this means running is a habit now. whether it is or not, i enjoy it, and i'm not stopping now.

honestly, week 3 wasn't so awesome. i really didn't feel all too hot running all week. well, let me take that back. i was extremely hot. between family get togethers, work schedules, random chores and errands, I ended up running earlier in the evenings. seriously people, i'm beginning to think this whole global warming thing is real. what the heck. the heat was crazy hot. but, i made it. i love the heat. i really do. running in 105 degree weather. not so much. i can tell a huge difference when i run in 90 degree heat versus 105. so, i'm pretty sure that was part of my not-so-hot, but hot runs this week. 

adios, week three.

so, here comes week 4 which will be kicked off with a 4 mile run tonight with some hills :) oh, yay for hills.

i'm not really sure where i stand on week 4. we are going on a mini-vaca - WAHOOOO!!! - cannot wait - this Thursday thru Sunday we will be out of commission and enjoying many adult beverages, dancing the night away, shopping , enjoying MLB baseball and getting tatted. Yes, tatted. [updates on this will definitely be coming]. therefore, I'm really not so sure when all this running is going to happen. My plan as of now is to run everyday, but not do the long run on Saturday. We'll see........... but, here's to enjoying 'time off' and making the best of it. the pavement will be here when we get back, so i'm not going to stress out too much.

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