Saturday, July 21, 2012


running and shopping.

they go together very well. and that, i like a lot. 

made a trip to First Gear yesterday with my marathon training partner, Alli. We knew that running in this crazy Kansas, summer heat was going to become impossible without water. So, it was time to buy a belt.

We ended up with the 3-bottle fuel belt. It has a pocket that's perfect for our GU chomps (which are way better than the regular GU), car keys, chapstick and anything else we might want to carry on our longer runs. 
i thought the belt would bother me during our 11.3 mile run, which it did, but after about the 5 mile mark, i barely noticed it and by mile 9 i was glad i had water - so i think mr. fuelbelt and i will get along well.

these GU chomps were delish. much better than the GU packets.

my socks were all getting thin, and i could tell the calluses on my feet were beginning to get fairly thick, so i bought these Experia socks and they are SO comfortable. i could tell a huge difference in the way my feet felt during the run. the heel and balls of my feet were padded nicely and weren't hot like they had been the past week. I also tried on some new running shoes. I know I'm going to wear out the ones I have quickly, so I'd like to alternate shoes with runs so that they last longer and hold up until the race. I'm totally going to make my mom happy when I tell her that I passed up the $120 pricetag and found the same Asics-GEL Landreth 7 for $89 online. Wahooo! Now, I'm just trying to decide on a color. Oh, the choices when it comes to running and shopping!

What are you favorite running items??

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