Tuesday, July 10, 2012


i'm late on this. darnit. 

but, here it is :)

Banks is 7 months old. he's closer to one than he is a newborn. and that just plain makes me sad. but, i can honestly say he is more and more fun each day - which i am absolutely loving.

he still has quite the personality. he loves to laugh - is so ticklish, he growls (weird, i know) and talks to himself constantly. he LOVES other kids and tackles them. yes, he's a bully. ha!

he has added green beans, corn, pasta and apples to his list of foods. he still hasn't found a food he doesn't like. he also LOVES water. we feed him water from a straw and he gets a kick out of it. this is the best way to entertain him at a restaurant.

and since i'm late i can now share that he is CRAWLING!! ahhh. he's on the go. he officially crawled for G and I today, 7-10-12. he has been up on all fours trying to crawl for weeks now and he finally got it! he's been sleeping all night, every night for at least a month - which is AWESOME. he's going to bed around 8:30 and still loves bath time. 

his 3rd tooth is coming in (on top) and he's been a little crankier lately, but his cranky is probably comparable to other babies' happy mood - yes, my kid is that cool.

he's the love of our life. just not sure what we did before we had B man.

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