Tuesday, July 17, 2012


alright. one week down. who knows how many to go. 

remember... we are going week by week, day by day... so we'll get to the big picture soon enough.

week one went well. not as well as i wanted, but it was okay. okay, well, good - whatever.
let me remind you of what week one looked like:

first accomplishment - i ran every day that i was supposed to. yay. 
as far as numbers go - i ran more than i was scheduled to every day except for saturday - which was a killer because that is "long run" day. i really had no excuse except that i was out late the night before and had to get up early and out the door by 8am to get to dodge city for a wedding - is that good enough? yea, i didn't think so either. i'm well aware, that after training for two 1/2 marathons, that when training for a big race, it has to be a priority. i need to get back to this and make sure that i'm going to bed early, eating right, and not drinking that fourth or fifth.. or.. yea you get it beer. this is what i'm doing right now and i need to stay committed. 

This week i ran 21.06 miles. 1.94 miles less than I should have. I'm determined to hit my goal for week 2. So here's to 28 miles this week! I'm pretty sure it will happen because I have my long-lost running buddy, Alli, back! Sheeeeeeeeee's BAACCK! Thank the good lord. It's so much easier to run with a friend and have someone to hold you accountable. Alli, well, she works way TOO much and we both have busy lives, but we've set a schedule for this week and plan to stick to it! Here's week two!

Cheers to running!

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