Friday, July 20, 2012


I need:
to be working. but that's highly overrated.
I want: the world to be bit kinder. okay, a lot kinder.
I'm proud of: my friends. i have a lot of great ones.
I pray: for those in the Colorado shooting. What an awful thing.
I hope: that everyone is thankful for today. life is precious. > this one is from last week, but I think i'm gonna keep it. seriously people. life is so presh.
I wish: blogging paid big bucks. like, i seriously love blogging. and i seriously love, or would love, to make a  million bucks doing it.
I'm looking forward to: a weekend of nothing. well, as of now. seriously i can maybe clean the house and maybe see my baby and maybe lay on the couch and just relax. oh, joy. that's after Alli and I knock down our 11 miler tomorrow. one step closer to 26.2.

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