Monday, July 23, 2012


week two is completed. 

surprisingly enough, i surpassed my 28 mile goal and ran 31 miles. wahooo. 

what i learned this week: when i ran tuesday i waited until it was cool enough in the evening - around 8:30 to run. i then woke up at 5 am Wednesday to run my 8 miles. these two runs were way too close together and the 8 mile run didn't feel so hot. my legs were tired and i just didn't feel like i was able to dominate the run like i had hoped. my goal for week 3 is to space out the runs so there is at least 20 hrs in between.

i also realized how much better/easier it is to run with someone. Alli is my lifesaver! I'm so glad i have someone that can join me - especially on the long runs.  i'm hoping our schedules continue to work out so that we are able to push each other through our long runs. 

our 11.3 mile long run on saturday was great. i was actually nervous about it. not sure why, because i mean, if i needed to, i could stop, but i HATE stopping. anyways, as usual, i think my nerves actually gave be adrenaline and the 11 miles went so well. i felt great. i'm hoping that i can continue to feel good about the longer runs as it will give me much more confidence for the actual marathon.

on the way to church sunday, we clocked just about 13 miles on the car's odometer. i told garrett, well, i guess i just have to imagine running to church and back - people, that's a long ways!!

i'm looking forward to the day when i have the confidence to say " i know i can do this". so far, it's a "i hope i can do this".

Cheers to week 3. seriously. cheers. i bought 3 bottles of wine yesterday.



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