Friday, July 27, 2012


I need: to make this dang decision about cutting my hair. 12:30p.m. need to know by then. ahh... the decisions in life ;)
I want: a new do. see above.
I'm proud of: my parents. they are celebrating their anniversary today! i'm proud that they still believe in what marriage is all about and have stayed strong in their faith, family and in love.
I pray: for my family.
I hope: that baby banks will be just fine when we are in KC next week! and that he misses us just a tad bit :)
I wish: i could make sense of everything.
I'm looking forward to: my parents' moving weekend! They are outta Larned and headed to Norwich this weekend! Yay for having them so much closer!

happy anniversary to the best mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! love you both so much!

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