Sunday, July 15, 2012


whew. just got home a few hours ago from our weekend trip to west. 

Friday B wasn't feeling well - he had a runny nose and began to cough. I knew we had a busy weekend ahead so I took him to the doc. Besides weighing 19lbs 8oz and measuring 28.5inches long, B was diagnosed with a upper respiratory infection. B has an upper tooth (his 3rd tooth overall) peeking through and his runny nose was caused by teething - which was draining in his lungs, which caused the congested cough. Blah. No good. We got some meds and went home and slept Friday afternoon. He was feeling much better by Saturday morning. Thank goodness!

and here's how our weekend went.

maybe i just take too many pictures, but I don't think that's possible - so, i'm beginning to think my mom is right when she says we ALWAYS have something going on.

Friday night, the girls got together to celebrate Tinley. I met Tinley when I hired her to help with our wedding planning (about 5 years ago). I then did some work for Tinley in the wedding business and became good friends with her. We're so sad to see her leave Wichita :( She'll be moving to Wisconsin at the end of the month. We celebrated with dinner, drinks and Smore's (of course) at Mike's Wine Dive. 

Saturday I was supposed to wake up and run 9 miles for the marathon training. That didn't happen. After hitting snooze (due to the fun the night before) I had time to run almost 6 miles before we hopped in the car and headed west. We stopped in Larned to pick up the parents and continued to Dodge City where we saw Cait walk down the aisle. What a beautiful bride she was. Cait and I met through Courtney (her older sister) and have become great friends and running buddies. i also got to meet miss Emersyn Cait (named after her auntie Cait)  - what a doll. I'm so happy Court has a lil' girl to dress up in PINK! We had fun dancing, eating (loved the snack bar - the QT donuts were the best!) and visiting with old friends from VC! B loved watching everyone dance the night away - he's a people watcher like his mama! :)

GC/DC cake - Cait and Ben were HS rivals.

pretty sunset on the way back to Larned

B had a great time.

Mom and B cooked us breakfast after the first successful all-nighter in the Pack -N - Play and then we went to the Larned pool to cool off before dinner with the parents.

B slept the whole way home. We got home, put on our pjs and he crawled around and played with his toys. Then he crawled over to a pillow and put himself to sleep. This kid was worn out.

Another busy weekend in the books!

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