Monday, July 9, 2012


whew. although i just had more time off from work than i've had since well, maternity leave, i feel like the weekend (the past 5 days) was shorter than every weekend before.

mom always makes comments on how I'm way too busy, and I just need to sit down and relax, but somehow that just doesn't fit into my go-go-go personality.


 Last Tuesday, we celebrated G's day of birth. He's 28 people. 28. so weird when I think he was 17 when we met and 18 when we started dating. that's a decade if you're adding the years. a DECADE. so crazy. we had family and friends over to help him celebrate. Dennan even came down :) It's always nice to have him in town. it must be something about our family, because he's been SO busy this summer, too. He hasn't been able to get away much, but when he does, we love spending them with Uncle Dennan :)we had a great time.


happy birthday america!

 On the 4th we went to the Baty's and swam. B LOVED it. So cute to see him in the big boy pool. He spent over an hour swimming and loved every minute of it. 


Thursday and Friday Mom, Dad, B and I traveled down K-42 to the good ole' town of Norwich. The rents will be (hopefully) moving there soon. Dad is now the Principal for grades K-12. Oh, what a little 'gem'. LITTLE. I mean little. We basically looked at EVERY house within 10 miles of Norwich that was for sale. I'm gonna honestly say that there wasn't a great find in the batch, so I'm not sure what they will do for now - but, we had a good time scoping out the town, eating at Redz (the only restaurant), touring the school, walking Main Street and just spending time together.

Thursday night, I had a girls night out - much needed - and it was great fun. Ashley, Stacey, Tinley, Danielle and I all met at Jose Peppers for dinner and pre-drinking before seeing Magic Mike. yes, we were cliche enough to go watch the 'it' movie. But, oh, was it worth it. Channing - you've never looked better. Ahhhh.

Saturday we took on a BIG project. Probably too big for one day, but I was determined to get 'er done. Mom, Dad, G and I all chipped in and got 'er done, too. It seems like our house is a never-ending project, but I think this will be the last outdoor project for awhile - we dug, raked, and poured a rock patio out from the deck, built a firepit and bought new patio furniture. Now, we have the perfect spot for making smores. Our favorite family snack :) I eat WAY TOO MANY of these.

there's no going back now!

we moved all 9,000 lbs of sand and rock. whew!

takin' a break from the heat

Showin' dad how it's done :)


Sunday, Mom, Dad, G, B and I went to church and had lunch. G, B and I then went down to Gpa and Gma's 'farm'. B met Little Bit, Kathy's new horse and we had a great time with family and meeting Sarah's boyfriend.

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