Monday, July 25, 2011

happy birthday to my mama.

happy birthday mama!

i feel like once all of your big milestone birthdays have passed- 16: get to drive, 18: legal, 21: really legal - birthdays just become birthdays. but, any day that i can celebrate one of the most important people in my life, calls for a celebration. my mom, my best friend, one of a few people in the world i can count on no matter what, deserves to be celebrated. she is the most unselfish person i can think of and is always there for her family. she finds us kids just as important as she did when we were little and needed her attention every second of the day. she still wants to be in our lives and we more than welcome that because of her genuine heart and caring soul. she always thinks of others before herself and knows that having family and love outweighs money and nice things anytime. so happy birthday mom. i hope you know how much we love you and i hope all of your wishes come true. all i want, is to be a mother to baby K just as you are to me. baby K is so excited to meet Grandma Julie!

the bestest mom and i - going out for her birthday dinner

22 wks

Sunday, July 17, 2011

one, country couple's shower.

one of my very good friends, amber seglem, is getting married! it's right around the corner, and to celebrate we threw her and her fiance, pat, a couple's shower.

the shower was complete, with a country chic theme, hot dog bar, beer, gift opening and the best game of them all - the coconut game. if you've seen 'just go with it' you'll get the idea. it was definitely the highlight of the night. here's a few pictures from the night's activities.

congrats to the both of you - we can't wait to celebrate the BIG day!!

the gift table

table decor

invitations that i made

the bridesmaids, minus keesha

the 3 best years.

uno, dos, tres.

g and i 'celebrated', or rather just relaxed on our 3 year anniversary this past week. since it's been almost 9 years total that we've been together, the number 3 almost seems funny to me. Didn't we celebrate 3 years, like 6 years ago? Life with g is good. we are so happy right now with where our lives are taking us. we are blessed to have jobs, own a house, have the best dog child ever, and a baby on the way! we're looking forward to the next few months with just the two (3 with hadley) of us, before baby K arrives. We can't wait for our family to grow, and can only imagine how great life will be with baby K here! 

So, happy 3 years g baby, and many, many more to come! 

way- too- big furniture store.

overwhelming. that is the one word i would use to describe nebraska furniture mart.

garrett and i traveled to kc last weekend in search of furniture for our newly painted basement. don't get me wrong we still have a TON to do downstairs before it's livable, but yes the walls are painted thanks to my awesome painter of a father. g and i left the grandparents to dog-sit and paint while we attempted the unknown- furniture shopping in a way-too-big furniture store.

After the first 5 hours of shopping, garrett made one huge mistake - he let a salesperson into the picture. if you've never been to nfm, let me just tell you there are about 3 salespersons for every 1 furniture shopper. yes, you caught me, i work in sales, but, definitely not this type of sales. the lady asked us 3 times where we were from, and told us that she was a interior designer, not a salesperson. wrong. after garrett told her what we wanted (brown, tan, budget, size, material) she continued to show us just about everything that was $1,000 over our budget in bright red and the exact material we were trying to stray away from. at this point, i took control. yep, i told her we were done shopping and we could call her if we needed anything. thanks, but, no thanks. and then we left.. empty handed. this pregnant lady and this unborn child were hungry. so, after checking into the hotel and eating dinner we decided we really needed to narrow down our choices before sunday. we managed to do so, and even found the perfect entertainment center around 8:30pm (nfm closes at 9). I knew there had to be a catch. Yep. Sure was. It was the very last entertainment center of that kind, which meant buying the display, or bust. I'm always leery of buying displays, especially spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one. I insisted that we ask the not-so-pushy sales guy to put it on hold for us until the morning so that we had time to think about it.

 In Garrett's exact word, "Tessa, there is no way they will put the display on hold. That's stupid. Don't ask, because he'll think that's  a dumb question and there's no possible way that they would do that."

Thank you Garrett for the extra boost of motivation to prove you wrong! :) So, there I went. I walked over to the sales guy asked for an extra discounted rate, and to put the piece of furniture on hold. Check. Check. After the sales guy gave us an extra $60 off and told us we had a 24-hour hold on the beloved piece of furniture, we left nfm after store hours. Boy, was I proud.

The next day, we finally decided to go ahead and buy the piece we put on hold, along with a sectional for the basement, a couch for the living room, a custom glider for the living room (baby K will love this!) and a rug. I'm so excited to begin designing our perfect little house!

nfm - we definitely have a love/hate relationship.

entertainment center

living room couch

basement sectional
headed out the door to kc!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy 27th g baby!

happy birthday to my fav person - my husband - my love - g baby.

we celebrated year #27 with an early birthday dinner last week with garrett's dad, kathy, sister kelsey, brother shelby and kathy's daughter sarah at red rock. yum! this weekend my family came down and we had brunch at granite city- yum, yum! - shopped, played golf and hung out with some drinks. year #27 will be a BIG one for g baby as he will be at Cessna for 5 years, become a father and finish a basement :)

happy birthday, babe. love you!

thumbs up for 27!

dennan delivering the cake!

before going out for g's bday

before g's birthday dinner

20 weeks - halfway there!

we have walls!

This is great news! We have walls. Finally.

Garrett finally got a week break from his basement work. We decided to hire someone to do the sheetrock in the basement - thank goodness. G needed a break. Last week they put up the sheetrock and the first layer of mud, and today they are applying the second layer. Hopefully by the end of this week, the basement will be ready to paint! I can't believe that it's finally beginning to look like a basement, with individual rooms. I have long-awaited this day! Here's a few pictures!

reading area




tv room

father's day 2011

 This year we celebrated father's day with a family bbq. Garrett's dad, my dad and Garrett (my baby's dadddy) were able to all be in the same place for the day. We enjoyed homemade food, cold drinks and a few games of washers. Thank you dad, for always being there and thank you Garrett for already being a great dad to baby K.
my baby daddy
my dad - the best!

playin' washers