Sunday, July 17, 2011

way- too- big furniture store.

overwhelming. that is the one word i would use to describe nebraska furniture mart.

garrett and i traveled to kc last weekend in search of furniture for our newly painted basement. don't get me wrong we still have a TON to do downstairs before it's livable, but yes the walls are painted thanks to my awesome painter of a father. g and i left the grandparents to dog-sit and paint while we attempted the unknown- furniture shopping in a way-too-big furniture store.

After the first 5 hours of shopping, garrett made one huge mistake - he let a salesperson into the picture. if you've never been to nfm, let me just tell you there are about 3 salespersons for every 1 furniture shopper. yes, you caught me, i work in sales, but, definitely not this type of sales. the lady asked us 3 times where we were from, and told us that she was a interior designer, not a salesperson. wrong. after garrett told her what we wanted (brown, tan, budget, size, material) she continued to show us just about everything that was $1,000 over our budget in bright red and the exact material we were trying to stray away from. at this point, i took control. yep, i told her we were done shopping and we could call her if we needed anything. thanks, but, no thanks. and then we left.. empty handed. this pregnant lady and this unborn child were hungry. so, after checking into the hotel and eating dinner we decided we really needed to narrow down our choices before sunday. we managed to do so, and even found the perfect entertainment center around 8:30pm (nfm closes at 9). I knew there had to be a catch. Yep. Sure was. It was the very last entertainment center of that kind, which meant buying the display, or bust. I'm always leery of buying displays, especially spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one. I insisted that we ask the not-so-pushy sales guy to put it on hold for us until the morning so that we had time to think about it.

 In Garrett's exact word, "Tessa, there is no way they will put the display on hold. That's stupid. Don't ask, because he'll think that's  a dumb question and there's no possible way that they would do that."

Thank you Garrett for the extra boost of motivation to prove you wrong! :) So, there I went. I walked over to the sales guy asked for an extra discounted rate, and to put the piece of furniture on hold. Check. Check. After the sales guy gave us an extra $60 off and told us we had a 24-hour hold on the beloved piece of furniture, we left nfm after store hours. Boy, was I proud.

The next day, we finally decided to go ahead and buy the piece we put on hold, along with a sectional for the basement, a couch for the living room, a custom glider for the living room (baby K will love this!) and a rug. I'm so excited to begin designing our perfect little house!

nfm - we definitely have a love/hate relationship.

entertainment center

living room couch

basement sectional
headed out the door to kc!

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  1. You look so beautiful and radiant, reflecting all the happiness in your life. I am so happy for you, and am sure that Wayne and Julie are just beaming with your joy....perfect middle name!