Monday, July 25, 2011

happy birthday to my mama.

happy birthday mama!

i feel like once all of your big milestone birthdays have passed- 16: get to drive, 18: legal, 21: really legal - birthdays just become birthdays. but, any day that i can celebrate one of the most important people in my life, calls for a celebration. my mom, my best friend, one of a few people in the world i can count on no matter what, deserves to be celebrated. she is the most unselfish person i can think of and is always there for her family. she finds us kids just as important as she did when we were little and needed her attention every second of the day. she still wants to be in our lives and we more than welcome that because of her genuine heart and caring soul. she always thinks of others before herself and knows that having family and love outweighs money and nice things anytime. so happy birthday mom. i hope you know how much we love you and i hope all of your wishes come true. all i want, is to be a mother to baby K just as you are to me. baby K is so excited to meet Grandma Julie!

the bestest mom and i - going out for her birthday dinner

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