Sunday, July 17, 2011

the 3 best years.

uno, dos, tres.

g and i 'celebrated', or rather just relaxed on our 3 year anniversary this past week. since it's been almost 9 years total that we've been together, the number 3 almost seems funny to me. Didn't we celebrate 3 years, like 6 years ago? Life with g is good. we are so happy right now with where our lives are taking us. we are blessed to have jobs, own a house, have the best dog child ever, and a baby on the way! we're looking forward to the next few months with just the two (3 with hadley) of us, before baby K arrives. We can't wait for our family to grow, and can only imagine how great life will be with baby K here! 

So, happy 3 years g baby, and many, many more to come! 

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