Tuesday, December 31, 2013


here's my cliche two-thousand and thirteen wrap-up post, which will most likely be followed by a even more stereotypical news years resolution post. 
most of our 'highlights' were mentioned in our christmas card, so it would make most sense to post a nice little photo of the card, but since this mama cannot for the life of me find our camera charger, that will not be happening (yet). 
we made quite a few life changes in 2013. i left my first 'career' at wichita state for an opportunity to spend more time at home in the evenings and on the weekends while providing more for our family. in february i began my adventure at heartspring. yes, that would be just a month prior to the shockers making the final four. funny how that works, right?
garrett had just spent tireless hours on the basement prior to banks being born, and it was finally done. we loved it. and then we decided to sell our first home.
.... so the for sale sign went up.
and then i got a new car, unexpectedly. after hadley had a near-death experience choking on banks' apple and spent the night in the er after having emergency surgery,  i was hit on the driver's side on my way to pick him up just 10 hours later. a month long fiasco, and lots of prayers later, my car was finally deemed totalled.
we took our first big vacation since our honeymoon in june to celebrate or 5 year anniversary in july. we had the time of our lives.  we landed in cabo and spent 7 awesome nights there - it was so much fun, and we have decided ( along with the couple we went with who also celebrated their fifth year of wedded bliss ) that this needs to happen more frequent than every five years.

when we got back, we decided it was time list with a real estate agent as we said after vacation it was 'game time' for selling the house. 3 days later it sold. 
we then began the search for our new home out west. we knew of the general area we wanted to look, but had not nailed one specific neighborhood down. we probably looked at 40 houses. thank goodness for real estate websites.
after some negotiations, we bought our second home 25 minutes closer to both sets of parents, our best friends, our church and 25 minutes further from work. boo.
it's a great location for us and we've been happy with our buy. i'm eager to start home renovations, but g looks at me like i'm crazy. so... i'm still working on that.
we finally relaxed for a couple of months ( at least for major life changes ). so i hit the road agian. this time with my best friend by my side. my best friend who HATES running. she committed and we trained week after week for her first and my fourth half-marathon. it was by far the most fun i've ever had running a race.

we celebrated Banks' big second birthday in november! i cannot believe he is two. time flies. no lies.
his vocabulary amazes me everyday, he is the most ornery kid you will ever meet. he doesn't slow down. he refuses naptime and is always go - go - go. apparently, he gets this from me, but i  have a hard time believing that lately. i'm SO tired. birthday theme: fish. banks' love for fishing is hilarious. he still asks everyday (even with snow on the ground) if we can go fishing. his other loves are toy story (we watch at least once a day), basketball, and tools.

in early november we found out that two-thousand and thirteen could bring even more change and blessings. the konens will be adding one to the household in  july '14. 
we had been waiting for this happy moment for quite some time ( at least in my book ) but, i can be very impatient, to say the least.
i had kept saying 'any month but july'. july is SO hot. well, hello july. i will not complain. in july we will become four, happily.
so we wrap-up two-thousand and thirteen with no complaints. a new home, a fab vacation, a dog that survived, a healthy and active two-year-old that could quite possibly be the most handsome boy ever, two incomes, a blessed marriage, friends, family and another blessing on the way.
cheers to that, ya'll.
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