Sunday, January 26, 2014


Banks and I seem to be on the same page lately : we're growing.

His growth is a little more flattering than mine, though.

A few months ago I pinned a growth chart I was going to make - simple and easy, but then found the same thing for cheaper than I could make it, which rarely happens. Then a few weeks later my father-in-law gave me his kids' growth chart with all the markings. So now we are keeping track on both. 

M&Ms for standing still - marking B's height is quite a task

B is 3 days shy of 26 months and is measuring 34.75".
Garrett measured 35" at 36 months - short stuff, and I was 33" at 24 months.
Our first baby is getting so BIG! He's no longer this chubby chunk....

he's such a tall, lean handsome boy....

... and while the boy grows up, momma's belly is growing OUT - it's a bump people! 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

BB Room

It's no surprise that I'm pumped to design another room in the house.
Although no room in our new home is complete, I usually don't finish a project before starting another, so nothing is new or out of the ordinary - because I purchased the first piece of the baby's room - a gold giraffe.
When people ask what we're having  my first reply is that 'we aren't yet that far along' and then I explain that we will not find out the sex before the baby is born and then i hear everything:
"What? Why??"
"How can you do that?"
"You are brave!"
"How will you have everything ready for the baby?"
"How do you decorate a room? or buy clothes?"
 "... or pick out a name?"
"You are crazy."
Those are just a few of the responses Garrett and I get.
The truth is. For us, it's not difficult. I think it brings SO much more excitement. SO much more to look forward to. 

Anyways, I'm not a huge PINK person, and I for the most part like gender neutral decor. I'm also totally fine with adding and changing a room every week - it's a serious problem. 

With Banks' room we decorated 'midly' and then added some pops of color after we found out 'he' was Banks! 

We plan to do the same this time around and I'm loving my initial 'design board' I've put together. Happy paint shopping this weekend!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Banks & Baby

 time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future (cue fly like an eagle by the steve miller band)
i think it's finally starting to sink in that banks is no longer the 'baby' of the family. i can remember  when we first told banks he was going to be a big brother and asking him if he thought it was a boy or a girl... he would repeat "boy or girl", but did not choose one or the other.
yesterday, he was pointing to his aunt kelsey and saying 'girl' then to daddy and saying 'boy' and when i asked him if mommy was a boy or a girl, he replied 'girl'. 
he gets it. in just 2 months, he has learned something new and it amazes me what his little mind can retain. so, of course, we have asked banks what the baby will be. time after time we get 'girl'. not a surprise since no one has thought we were going to have another boy. 
boy or girl, we are so excited, and we plan to wait until sometime in july (when the baby is born) to find out the sex of baby K #2. in all honesty, it is the best surprise ever. i highly recommend waiting... although i highly recommend a lot of things, as my opinions on the subject of birth are almost all strong-willed. i think banks gets this stubbornness trait from his mama. i'm okay with that though, at least we know what we like, right?
we've had two baby dr. appts since we found out we were expecting the first week in November. at what we thought was a 9 week appt, we were told the baby was reading an 8 week status, nothing like moving that due date back from the VERY beginning. the baby's heartbeat was 178 bpm and we were given the approximate due date of july 17, 2014. baby looked healthy and we couldn't complain. dr. K said 'it's a girl, just joking, but that's what everyone will tell you since the baby has a high heartbeat'.
lots of 'baby kisses' from banks.
two weeks ago, we had our 12 week appt. the baby's heartbeat was 162 bpm and dr. K said the exact same thing 'it's a girl'.
I know that Dr. K has NO IDEA what the sex of the baby is, but it's fun to hear the guessing games begin already.
headaches and tiredness are subsiding (a bit) and what they say about showing sooner with your second child is a FACT if i've ever heard one.
i'm getting antsy to start working on the baby's room and trying to narrow my list of 53 names down to 5 or less. i'm name obsessed. 

we cannot get enough of woody.

baby K #2 at 8 wks.
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

royal script : here

just a few of my recent designs. it's too much work to keep up with two blogs.

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