Friday, January 17, 2014

BB Room

It's no surprise that I'm pumped to design another room in the house.
Although no room in our new home is complete, I usually don't finish a project before starting another, so nothing is new or out of the ordinary - because I purchased the first piece of the baby's room - a gold giraffe.
When people ask what we're having  my first reply is that 'we aren't yet that far along' and then I explain that we will not find out the sex before the baby is born and then i hear everything:
"What? Why??"
"How can you do that?"
"You are brave!"
"How will you have everything ready for the baby?"
"How do you decorate a room? or buy clothes?"
 "... or pick out a name?"
"You are crazy."
Those are just a few of the responses Garrett and I get.
The truth is. For us, it's not difficult. I think it brings SO much more excitement. SO much more to look forward to. 

Anyways, I'm not a huge PINK person, and I for the most part like gender neutral decor. I'm also totally fine with adding and changing a room every week - it's a serious problem. 

With Banks' room we decorated 'midly' and then added some pops of color after we found out 'he' was Banks! 

We plan to do the same this time around and I'm loving my initial 'design board' I've put together. Happy paint shopping this weekend!
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