Sunday, January 26, 2014


Banks and I seem to be on the same page lately : we're growing.

His growth is a little more flattering than mine, though.

A few months ago I pinned a growth chart I was going to make - simple and easy, but then found the same thing for cheaper than I could make it, which rarely happens. Then a few weeks later my father-in-law gave me his kids' growth chart with all the markings. So now we are keeping track on both. 

M&Ms for standing still - marking B's height is quite a task

B is 3 days shy of 26 months and is measuring 34.75".
Garrett measured 35" at 36 months - short stuff, and I was 33" at 24 months.
Our first baby is getting so BIG! He's no longer this chubby chunk....

he's such a tall, lean handsome boy....

... and while the boy grows up, momma's belly is growing OUT - it's a bump people! 

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