Thursday, February 6, 2014


with banks are the happiest moments of my day.
most days, we talk on our 15 minute ride to daycare about school buses, trucks, snow and rain and sometimes sunshine - "eyes hurt, so bright" is usually the way the 'moon' is described. 

and then on the way home i will ask b how his day was. usually he'll just start talking jibberish and will say "see nana, see daddy, see papa, see hadley", which obviously doesn't answer my question.

then, the other day, when i asked him 'how was your day?' he responded.


"What did you do today?"

"Play with Camden."

"What did you play?"

"We played with toys."

"Was it fun?"

"Playing toys is fun."

we had a conversation and it was awesome. and it made me realize how smart and witty this little boy is becoming.

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