Friday, August 10, 2012


I need: to not eat donuts. but, hey it's Friday, right? Yummmo.
I want: this shirt. found it at H&M this weekend and of course, they didn't have my size. Online shopping it is, which means I will pick out 5 other things I really don't need to add to my shopping bag.

I'm proud of: B man. Seriously. He's the best baby. Everyday our daycare provider says what a good baby he is and how he's always happy and active. This I could not be more proud of. He's truly a blessing from God. Just love him to pieces and enjoy every second with him!
I pray: for forgiveness and grace. 
I hope: my knee is fine. UGH. yes, my running started out great this week. Monday and Tuesday were spot-on. Wednesday I headed out and my knee (that I previously had surgery on) gave out on me. I'm soooo upset about this. I finished 6 miles limping the entire way, and went out to run last night and finished about a half a mile until it gave out on me again. I managed to limp 2 miles, but have made a Dr. appt for Monday to see what the dealio is. Hopefully it doesn't require surgery and i can get on with this marathon training.
I wish: I didn't need to mow. Ugh. I've put that one on the backburner this week! Oh, and G has to work overtime now. YUCK! What the heck. i don't get how companies just require such and such number of hours of overtime. Don't they know the more hours you work the less productive you become? I just feel bad for G, and myself. Yes, I'm selfish - I want my babe at home with me and the Bankster.
I'm looking forward to: The Glow Run tomorrow with good friends, church and lunch with the fam and in-laws and Boxing class on Monday. Yep! Boxing!! Bring it!

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