Tuesday, August 14, 2012


happy 26th birthday, bff!

i'm so proud to have you as my best friend.

you are a woman of God, a mother of two, a faithful wife, a sister, an aunt, a daughter to two blessed parents and the best friend anyone could have. i'm so glad, although a maize gal, you have a thing for valley boys. i knew you were smart enough to figure that one out :)

you bring out the best in everyone. you are honest, but kind. you always want what is good for the world, good for everyone involved and hold your faith close to your heart. although, we may be the same age - well, now you are technically OLDER than me - i look up to you so much. 

i'm not sure how i could get through a work week without our daily lunches that sometimes happen to go over two hours, or three, our email chains that are weeks long, and i always know the best advice is only a phone call or text message away.

i know we can always agree on wearing sweats, eating at a buffet, drinking sweet wine and topping of a lunch with dessert. and there is always a good conversation involved.

i'm so blessed to have you in my life. you are the best BFF anyone could have and i'm proud to call you mine!

You are not my sister my blood, but by love.

happy birthday, sister! I love you!

Enjoy your day!! I LOVE YOU!

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