Sunday, August 21, 2011


Oh, yes, we are still working on that beloved basement. I cannot tell you how many hours G has spent slaving away downstairs, but it's paying off, and it looks GREAT! I have one handy-man on my hands :) Here are a few pictures of the painted TV room, bar area and bedroom - all thanks to Grandma Wayne. Garrett has been finishing up the white (LOVE) trim and light fixtures. I've also finished one of my 'projects'. Grandma Julie and I sanded, painted and distressed their old dresser and nightstand for the guest room downstairs. I found some antique knobs to add for a little more pizazz.. I'm so excited to decorate all the new rooms! Here's a few pictures showing our progress!

bar lighting

tv room - the little opening is baby k's 'toy room' 

bar cabinets 

white trim - LOVE



new bathroom inspiration - so excited for the mosaic tile and checkered floors!

bedroom bedspread
old nightstand

sanded dresser

painted white



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