Friday, June 29, 2012


I need: to find G the perfect Bday gift... ekk. only 4 days left.
I want: to go swimming. this heat is intense, dude.
I'm proud of: my dad! he landed the the job at Norwich as the new Principal for K-12. They are going to be so much closer to Wichita, which means day trips are now in order. Love it. So proud of him for all of his hardwork -  earning his 2nd Master's degree - applying and interviewing for jobs and landing one that was meant to be.
I pray: for Colorado.
I hope: we can complete our to-do list this weekend. landscaping - here we come.
I wish: TRob would have invited me to the draft last night. I'm his girl, ya know.
I'm looking forward to: having a 2 day work-week next week! Yay! Lots of time with the boy and family. Exciting days ahead - weddings, G's bday and 4th of July!

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