Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i decided to do a themed bbq for father's day last weekend. i had a lot to celebrate - 3 great dads.

g, my dad, wayne, and g's dad, steve, all came over to celebrate their day. all 3 are so deserving of such a day as they all work hard and put their family first. i couldn't ask for any better men in my life! and it's a major plus that they all like the same things, and have fun getting together!

g started the day out with his favorite - cinnamon rolls - for breakfast and then all the guys headed out to play some golf in Newton. Mom and I fixed up some deliciousness for our bbq and bought plenty of beer for our beer tasting! it was a lot of fun!

so, cheers to all the dad's!

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  1. I love your fathers day gifts!! looks like Wayne and I have the same favorite. Might have to have a couple bud light limes with him someday. LOL