Tuesday, June 19, 2012


happy 1st father's day to my love!

he's such a deserving dad. he's been a wonderful dad since, well, the day we found out we were expecting our lil' blessing.

i cannot thank him enough for taking such good care of banks and I. he gives us so much. so much love. it's been awesome watching him with banks. he absolutely doesn't do everything like i would, but that's what's awesome. for instance, holding banks upside down to wipe his bottom - seriously? the awful, mismatched outfits he manages to 'put together', his idea of feeding banks is covering his face/body with food, and his "you can do it banks" during the night. This is his encouragement to banks that he can fall back asleep without assistance. ha.ha.

i knew that when i married this awesome man that i was marrying him because i loved him. more than anything. for many reasons. one being that i could trust him more than anyone with anything and knew that he would never do anything to hurt me. ever. i don't even have to think about that. the other being that i was positive that this is who i wanted to be the father of my children. i knew he would be an awesome dad.

and that he is. 

happy father's day my love.

last year on father's day! we couldn't wait to meet our baby!

first family photo!

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