Friday, June 15, 2012


I need:
 to realize how good my life is.

I want: some extra cash money. This patio we want isn't going to happen until that extra moolah comes flowin' in.

I'm proud of: my family. i seriously have the greatest, most caring, involved, always-there-for-us, awesome parents. i'm so proud of where i come from.

I'm looking forward to: Father's Day! We have a fun-filled themed BBQ planned for Sunday. I can't wait to celebrate my love's first father's day - he's such a great daddy!

I pray: for all of the families who have lost children lately. i know way too many.

I hope: Saturday and Sunday go extremely slow. I could use some extra weekend time.

I wish: my pile of contracts would sign themselves. That'd be great, right?

I'm looking forward to: celebrating friends' birthdays, baby showers and father's day this weekend!

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