Friday, June 22, 2012


I need: more hours in a day. Like approximately 48.
I want: a vacation.sooner rather than later.
I'm proud of: baby banks. he's sleeping through the night ya'll! he has had a stuffed up nose this week, and other than Wednesday night, he has been consistently sleepin' a good 10-12 hours. Hallelujah.
I pray: for hope.
I hope: that i can find some good bargains this weekend.
I wish: the world wasn't so cruel.
I'm looking forward to: planning our 5 year anniversary trip with Stacey and Dustin. The BFF got married 2 weeks before G and I did, so we will both be celebrating our 5th anniversary around the same time next summer. We've decided to do it BIG and plan a getaway with our boys! We're beginning to look into vacation spots - Mexico, Jamaica ....  - we'll see. If you have a hot spot you recommend be sure to let me know!

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