Thursday, June 7, 2012


my co-worker and friend, caleb, was nice enough to work after hours and build a new deck for us.

our old deck was awful. yes, awful. I kept telling garrett we needed to build a new one (before we painted the upstairs, before we re-carpeted, before we had a child, before we began the basement) but, it was put at the bottom of the list. but, finally, we have a new deck. and i love it!

garrett agreed that we probably needed a new deck long ago after we had to tear  knock over the old deck. it basically fell to the ground with a little push.

we plan to add a patio surrounding the deck after we stain it. i also have 2 big pots full of flowers that will be going on either side of the deck stairs. so excited to hang out in the backyard this summer.

cheers to that!

our NEW deck!

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