Sunday, June 24, 2012


another weekend. come and gone. sunday evenings are my most favorite and most dreaded times of the week. I think we can all agree - i wish the weekends lasted FOREVERRRR.

but, they don't.

we had a very relaxing weekend. for once. we didn't HAVE to be anywhere at any certain time - which was AWESOME. i can't remember the last weekend we didn't have a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, ect.. and this weekend will be the last weekend that is relaxing for awhile as we have many weddings, birthdays and small trips planned soon.

Friday, we traveled out to the Meier's to check out their new firepit and cook smores. Besides the good ole' Kansas wind and smoke flying in our faces, the company, wine and smores were fantastic. the babies slept. and all was good. we love spending time with our best friends :)

Saturday, started with a 5 mile run. It's been awhile since I've ran outside in the early morning hours by myself. It was so peaceful. Perfect.

G, B and I then headed over to Clearwater to the in-laws for brunch. Jen, Kathy's daughter and her little girl Addison (born 3 mos. before B) were in town from Colorado. Addy and Banks hadn't met before so we thought it'd be fun to get the baby cousins together :) What a great time we had! It was great catching up with Sarah (Kathy's youngest daughter), Jen, Steve, Kathy and watching the  babies play. They were oh, so cute together.

Mom and Dad came down Saturday late afternoon and we had a good dinner and topped it off with ice cream on one of the hottest days of the summer, so far...

B was way more interested in the plants that were moving (due to the KS wind).

let me back up. when we were leaving dinner, Dad noticed a scratch on the passenger's side door. I hadn't blogged about this previously because, well, it was just bad. 3 weeks after we bought the new car, it was keyed. front to back. deep. keyed. not cool. we just got the car back from the shop last week after they completely sanded and re-painted the entire passenger's side of the car. so, this NEW scratch was very visible.  let's just say G didn't like it. the blue neon was parked about 1 1/2 ft away from our car, and it was very obvious that they parked way too close and probably  had a hard time even getting out the car. before garrett returned, two men. son and father approached the neon. crap. so i had to get out of the car and deal with the sitch. the heavyset boy could barely get through the space between the two cars. (because you parked too close!!!). anyways, i explained that we saw a scratch on our car due to their car and we were going to try to buff it out ourselves, but if we couldn't we'd have to claim it. i explained that we JUST got the car back from being repaired due to someone keying it, so that's why it was a BIG DEAL :). i was cool, calm and collected. seriously. then i see this flash of red (ha!) storming out of the restaurant, before i could say a word, g explained the exact same story I had just told the guys  in a much, well, rude manner. lol. All was good though, g got their insurance info.. and away we went. ahhh. stupid cars.

Okay, so Sunday the fam went to church, ate lunch, and shopped. found some new summer shorts, new fedora.... and a high chair for Banks! Gma insisted that she help buy his highchair... I really think she was just insisting that he have one so we don't feed him in the bumbo, on the floor. :) We have yet to put it together, but I was happy about the chevron pattern that it in entails :) 

Mom and I had a few drinks on the new deck and got way too much sun.

oh, and B is about to crawl!!!! I can't believe it. he's almost there.... not quite, but almost.

ahhh. almost.

and that's a wrap, folks!

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