Sunday, June 10, 2012


this weekend was a first for me. and definitely not a last.

i ran my first race/obstacle course and it was SO MUCH FUN. absolutely loved it. not only were the people who i ran with some of my very favorite people, but the race was challenging, something different, the atmosphere was so energetic and fun and the beer garden wasn't too shabby either. i've now done some research on obstacle course races and I'm determined to do a tough mudder in the near future!

i was surprised at how difficult some of the obstacles were. we ran through tons of water, mud, crawled under barbed wire, rope and in sand, jumped over tires, hurdles and hay bales and basically had a great day. cool, right?  I had heard things from friends who had ran the Warrior Dash, and had prepared myself. After the race, I talked to a few other people who have now ran the Warrior Dash and the Gladiator and all said that they were equally challenging, so that's good stuff. I think i was a bit intimated at first, so I didn't run my normal 'pace' and ended up finishing 18th out of 158 females. Now that I know what it's like I'd love to challenge myself to a better time!

 Here's a map of the course we ran.

Although #4 (beer garden) was my favorite, the Spangles Mud Slide,  Jump & Jet, Miller Lite Mountain and the Victory Wall/Sand Crawl were the dirtiest - which in my opinion means more fun!

The whole group agreed that this is a must do race for next year. Enjoy the pictures - it was a BLAST!

taping our shoes so the mud didn't pull them off!

BFF love.

Way to go ladies!... and Dustin :)

Number one fan :)

Banks and his gf, Laney.

The husband and photographer. :) He is doing this race with me next year!

After the race we took it to the hot tub to relax. Awesome night.

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