Friday, June 1, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

I need: to clean the house. it's a mess. i've been so busy and the house has been neglected. that's a must do for this weekend.

I want: to stay home with baby banks. i miss him so much when i'm at work.

I'm proud of: my husband for being great to me and being a super awesome daddy.

I'm looking forward to: tomorrow's river run! so excited to run another race with some of my favorite people.

I pray: for grace for myself and for others.

I hope: this weekend will allow time for things that must get done.

I wish: a shopping trip was in the near future. my wardrobe needs updated asap. those bright colors at express are calling my name.... and that my milk supply would increase significantly!

I'm looking forward to: the river run, steph's wedding, family time, and next week's gladiator dash!

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