Tuesday, June 19, 2012


a daughter's first love. a father. her dad.

love my dad. he's a motivator, a coach, a teacher, a supporter, a fan and a dad. 

my dad and i are alike. a little too much alike. we often battle because we are both competitive. we both always want to win. and we both think we are always right. not only do we get told we are identical in looks, but we also take pride in the same things. i learned that work ethic, morals, faith and doing what is right are some of the most important things in life. my dad is also a writer. (we both put our most private feelings on paper most of the time). he often writes the longest messages in cards, and sends letters. he even gave me a blue book that he would write in periodically. most of these notes came when i was in college. he always had the perfect motivating message before basketball games, when i got engaged, and the months leading up to g and i's wedding. now, he gives parenting advice. sometimes i label his motivation and advice as criticism   constructive criticism, but i always know that he wants what is best for me. and that is real love.

some of my favorite memories include attending his basketball camps, helping him with basketball camps (and i would always think i was such a cool kid because i knew the camp schedule and all of the drills before he would announce them - go me!), just spending time with dad in the gym, fishing with dad, dancing with dad (he has my dancin' skills :) ), having him by my side during all my lip surgeries and hearing the doctor asking him, "you look really white, are you going to pass out?", seeing him excited at the hospital when we checked in to have baby Banks and seeing him play with his grandson. Banks and Hadley are his favorite, and I think he is their favorite too. Banks loves to fish with Grandpa and Hadley can always count on him to give attention when momma is lacking. 

So, thanks dad for always being there, wanting what is best and putting your family first. You know what real love is. and i love you for that.

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