Thursday, May 17, 2012

a mother's love.

i'm late on this post. which my mother is never late.

mother's day took on a whole new meaning this year. because i'm a mom. really. i can't believe it.

it's so weird to think that i, myself, Tessa, is a mom. a mom to the most loved, handsome little boy. sometimes (not all of the time) i think, i'm ready for another... baby. ahh. i said it. i think it's because i can hardly remember the days of being HUGE, pregnant and uncomfortable and the pain from banks' delivery is finally disappearing. thank goodness. it's almost impossible to think about my life before becoming a mother. it's almost as if life didn't truly exist before becoming a mother. life now has purpose. so much more purpose than it did before banks.

my mom is the best.


i sat down at the computer nearly a week ago to write her a mother's day letter. silly me thought i would be there for hours on end writing 20+ pages on why i have the best mother ever. once i sat down i was just a loss for words. words to describe the most unselfish, amazing, loving, caring person in my life.she not only does everything for my brother and i, but she is an awesome wife, the best grandma and treats my husband, Garrett, like he is her own. that is why i love her. 

i set goals for myself daily, weekly, monthly and even annually. i accomplish some. definitely not all. but some.

the one goal i have in life that means something - to be just like my mom. i wouldn't trade her for the world. i can't even imagine my life without her and i'm sure my brother, son, dad and husband would all say the same. she does so much for each and every one of us. if someone loves me the way i love my mom, i'd say my world would be complete. i love her like no other.

being a mom is easy. you have a baby. but really, being a MOM, is so much work or should i say so much love. a mom possesses such an immense amount of love it's difficult to describe. basically, nothing in the world matters, except for your children and your family. it's amazing and i wouldn't want it any other way. 

so, thanks mom for being awesome. i look up to you so much and want to be just like you.


so... back to that 'i want' post. g and banks nailed it! happy mother's day to me! love you both so much and thank you so much for making me a mama!

this lovely, is now mine :)

love you boys!

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