Monday, May 7, 2012


banks has blessed us with another month. 5 months and counting.

where has the time gone?

our boy is now sitting up, has two teeth that are completely visible to the eye, a smile that warms the heart, a laugh that can be mistaken for a snort, a personality of his own, favorite toys, his own schedule, recognizes his favorite people and smiles when they walk in the door, tries to talk constantly, could fill up a pool with drool and is more loved than he was in months one, two, three and four.

he's amazing.

we've had a great time this month. we've spent evenings going for walks, bbq'ing with friends, going to shocker baseball games, exploring grandpa's "farm" (aka lots of grass), being spoiled by grandma julie and just doing plain ole' family stuff [watching OC Housewives, The Voice, AI, ENews!, HGTV, eating fast food, giving banks manicures :), bath time, picking out way too cute boy outfits and talking about how we still can't believe we are parents to such an awesome boy].

not sure how much the big boy weighs now, but i'll get a new battery for the scale soon. i just know if i buy a battery then i have to weigh myself too. ugh.

we're looking forward to summer. full of swimming, walking, more zoo time and LOTS of sunscreen :)

Happy FIVE months Banks! LOVE YOU!

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