Tuesday, September 4, 2012


how fitting that banks just turned 9 mo. old and i'm beginning the 9th week of marathon training.

it's the small things in life.

week 8 was so-so, still not a great week. not gonna lie. garrett and i stay awfully busy, and september doesn't look like things are going to slow down, but rather speed up. we have weddings, yes multiple, golf tournaments, banks' dedication, birthday celebrations, wsu events, family stuff and then the occasional somethings that come up. it's difficult to stay 'fresh' at all times when we are running around 24/7. but, no excuses, i suppose.

legs were dead most of the week and so were the running partner's. so, saturdays long run, was a little shorter than planned - we also had to save our legs for the running partner's 26th birthday celebration that night. if you know me, you know dancing will be involved in any type of celebration.

sadly, i won't be able to run the tiger trot 15k that i signed up for in week 9. i registered before finding out that our church was reserving that date to dedications. and that's much more important. so with that, if anyone needs a registration and would like mine, contact me!

although, the long run wasn't as long as we had hoped for, i still completed 3.17 more miles than week 8 called for. week 9 looks something like this.

oh, and it's september. that means the race is NEXT MONTH. what the heck!

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