Tuesday, September 11, 2012


33 days.

until the marathon.

holy crap.

i never really thought i would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's peaking through. just a teeny bit, but it's there.

i've finally began week 10 of training. week nine is in the past, and week 10, day 1 as been completed with a run this evening.whew.

week 9 was hit and miss. i was on work overload, sick baby, had church 4 times in 4 days, a funeral, a wedding, a family get together. it was just a crazy week to say the least. a week that left very little time for running.

i missed some of my shorter runs, but was still able to complete the long run for the week at 16.5 miles. ran to ole' vc and back. kind of cool to think i ran from one little town to another. park city to valley (the long way) and back. alli and i ran early 4:45am the alarm rang and we were out the door at 5am - by mile 5 we both needed a restroom break and nothing was open. so, we kept running..... mile 8 - 9 we thought for sure Leeker's would be open, nope, the donut shop - i mean it was saturday morning - everyone wants donuts - nope. so, we ended up at the 24-hour laundry mat. classy.

we kept our pace at a good 8:36  - so we were happy with that. my goal is run about a 9 min/mile during the marathon.

i'm so bummed out about week #10 because i was supposed to run the See Jane Run half-marathon, but was just told it was postponed until September 2013. not sure if not enough people signed up, or what, but i'm totally bummed. i do have my bucket list still intact and would like to finish another 'official' half-marathon before the end of the year. i'm thinking about the Salt City Half-Marathon, but that'd be inbetween a wedding and a baby shower - yes, i never have a dull moment.

seems a bit weird to think i need to run an 'official' half-marathon, since i'm now running more than 13.1 miles every weekend. but, it's just that competitive spirit in me.

double digits - bring it.

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