Wednesday, September 12, 2012




today's lunch was just that. desi suggested we 'shop local' and visit a newer little eatery, delish. it's located in food for thought, at 2929 E. Central. Just west of the Central & Hillside intersection.

so organic. so tasty. so good. 

we shopped around a bit before eating - what a neat place. organic foods, medicines, toiletries and every small, cute gift item you could imagine.

caleb, the delish worker, knew desi by name and even took a stab at what she would order - he was right. we both ordered the Ciao Chicken- hormone free grilled chicken breast, fresh pesto-mayo, shaved parm, roasted red peppers, spinach & balsamic vinegar drizzle served on a while wheat pita bun. so stinkin' good.  for a side i went with the chipotle sweet potato soup - loved it. 

since i was a delish virgin, i decided to go all out and get a smoothie on-the-go. if you know me well, i rarely leave a restaurant without some sort of sweet treat. this sweet treat was a little different than my usual ice cream sundae, smores, chocolate chip cookie or a bag of m&ms. Green with Envy. Ha! a super low calorie alkalizing smoothie. organic cucumber, organic romaine, organic spinach, coconut water, unsweetened organic coconut milk, pineapple, lime juice and stevia. it looked, well, green, and maybe a little gritty with the 'leaves', but it was refreshing and good.

Other smoothies include chai tea delight, antioxidant blast, the king, pina colada, almond joy and tropical green.

being only a few minutes from the workplace, i plan on visiting this locally owned eatery quite often for lunch. i felt so good after eating such a healthy meal, plus they had a super nice staff and it was the perfect place to catch up with a friend.

i'm already looking forward to the curry up, chicken. yep, that's right - hearty chicken salad made with chicken breast, organic celery, apples, cashews, dried cranberries and coconut. Yummm. 

be sure to shop local and check out Delish - located inside Food for Thought. 

and if you're a real foodie, checkout - it's a good friend of mine's web site - she cooks some mean cuisine.

Me & Desi with our Green With Envy & PB&J smoothies @ Delish.

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